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tr.v. me·mo·ri·al·ized, me·mo·ri·al·iz·ing, me·mo·ri·al·iz·es
1. To provide a memorial for; commemorate.
2. To present a memorial to; petition.

me·mo′ri·al·i·za′tion (-ə-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
me·mo′ri·al·iz′er n.
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Noun1.memorialization - a ceremony to honor the memory of someone or somethingmemorialization - a ceremony to honor the memory of someone or something
ceremonial, ceremonial occasion, ceremony, observance - a formal event performed on a special occasion; "a ceremony commemorating Pearl Harbor"
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7 percent); the majority of residents in these states are affiliated with a religion, which typically leads to a more traditional view of memorialization.
Thus, this work provides a close analysis of the regional and racial perspectives that emerged, and investigates the portrayal of the trial in popular and Black newspapers in Mississippi and the South, and therefore, documents post-trial reactions, and examines Till's memorialization in the press to highlight the media's role in shaping regional and national opinions.
It is crucial that memorialization processes do not function as empty rhetoric commemorating the dead, while losing sight of the reasons and the context for past tragedies and obscuring contemporary challenges.
Canada) explores the rhetorical processes that shaped the cultural assemblage of artifacts into patterns of memorialization.
Farmen, memorialization of the Army Transportation School building, and ceremonies recognizing TC warriors, fallen heroes, and hall of fame inductees.
Watts sadly does not seem to avail himself of the plentiful critical treatments of narrative, memory, and memorialization now extant, for memory and memorialization are in many ways what his project is actually about.
Topics covered by the journal include truth commissions, universal jurisdiction, post-conflict social reconciliation, victim and perpetrator studies, international and domestic prosecutions, institutional transformation, vetting, memorialization, reparations and ex-combatant reintegration.
For Sekzer, a Vietnam vet, it was a request spurred by vengeance as much as memorialization.
For Eisenman, not building was clearly not an option, nor was building according to conventional vocabularies of memorialization.
Its memorialization was initiated by merchants who prized it for denoting elite rule and social harmony, and it acquired a public dimension when Federalists used it in their campaign to ratify the Constitution in 1787.
This spring, Randy Toombs opened Pet Cremation and Memorialization of Jonesboro.
Rather, to produce a more balanced view of this interaction, she focusses on three "cultural processes:" the separateness and incorporation of the Portuguese in Italy, and Italians in Portugal; the acquisition, appropriation and imitation of each other's cultures; and the creation and memorialization of the past.