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Summary: New Delhi [India], Sept 4 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday took a trip down the memory lane during 20th India-Russia Summit at Vladivostok, recalling the summit of November 2001 when he was a part of late Atal Bihari Vajpayee's delegation as Chief Minister of Gujarat.
Straight in for a trip down memory lane, the Spice Girls launched into Spice Up Your Life, before If You Can't Dance and Who Do You Think You Are, ending with a firework of rainbow-coloured confetti fired into the crowd.
Dubbed Memory Lane, the solution works with Google Voice Assistant and uses a unique conversational artificial intelligence which allows people, particular the elderly, to capture memorable stories for future generations while also providing companionship.
MEP and `shadows' pay visit to school With the subject of Brexit high on the national agenda at the moment, this Memory Lane picture couldn't be more topical.
A WALK DOWN MEMORY LANE Join Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse on an inspiring walk down memory lane in celebration of magic and family fun.
The ceremony closed with a trip down memory lane, sharing memorable photos of their years in St Joseph's, and even a short video of their very first day in first year.
The Memory Lane project, with a target of PS190,000, will enhance the surroundings on wards 50 and 51 that specialise in care for the elderly.
Memory Lane Inc., the leading dealer of sports collectibles, today announced the discovery and upcoming auction of historical 1890 baseball Players' League signed documents that represent the inaugural players revolt against team management for players' rights formed on Dec.
WI goes down Memory Lane KEITH Barbour gave a slide show entitled "Down Memory Lane" at the June meeting of Meltham Women's Institute.
Down memory lane I ENDORSE the compliments handed out to the management and staff of Bangor racecourse by Colin Roberts and John Goodman (Letters, April 9).
The charity wants you to host a Dinner Down Memory Lane, and instead of asking guests to bring a bottle or a dessert, ask for a donation instead.