memory trace

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memory engram

or memory trace
An engram.

memory trace

(Psychology) psychol the hypothetical structural alteration in brain cells following learning. See also engram


(ˈɛn græm)

a presumed encoding in neural tissue that provides a physical basis for the persistence of memory; a memory trace.
[1905–10; en-1 + -gram1]
en•gram′mic, adj.
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Noun1.memory trace - a postulated biochemical change (presumably in neural tissue) that represents a memorymemory trace - a postulated biochemical change (presumably in neural tissue) that represents a memory
memory - something that is remembered; "search as he would, the memory was lost"
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Long-term memories reside in the brain's neocortex, which is the final depository for information that is brought in through the senses, processed as a memory trace (encoded), and then consolidated and stored for future recall.
In contrast, passively repeating information by repeatedly looking it up on the Internet does not create a solid, lasting memory trace in the same way, says Maria Wimber of the University of Birmingham.
Ricoeur also describes the imprint of the memory trace on the affections--the Aristotelian pathos--by means of which the shock of a particular event is experienced and leaves an indelible mark on our soul.
The longer the execution time, the wider the opportunity to use the motor control circuits based on feedback and comparison between memory trace and perceptual trace.
of how a memory trace is laid down in a nerve cell or neuron.
Earlier research suggested that this spacing effect is the product of the transfer of the memory trace from the flocculus, a cerebellar cortex region which connects to motor nuclei involved in eye movement, to another brain region known as the vestibular nuclei.
Every good student knows that to form a long-term memory trace, or what we call learning, often requires quite a bit of effort.
Cecelia, 25, has teamed up with producer Don Todd for the project, which has the working title The Memory Trace.
For F-items, a different relationship between presentation duration and memory trace strength is expected.
As Hintzman points out, his model originated from the theory of Semon (1923) which assumed that each learning experience leaves behind its own memory trace or 'engram'.
2) These errors have been attributed to a failure in the memory trace binding process (see Busey et al.