men's furnishings

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:'s furnishings - the drygoods sold by a haberdashermen's furnishings - the drygoods sold by a haberdasher  
drygoods, soft goods - textiles or clothing and related merchandise
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The store advertised ladies' and men's furnishings, women's ready-to wear, millinery, notions, and dry goods.
Nordstrom made a similar move by relocating the men's grooming counter inside the men's furnishings area.
The top three expenses were women's wear, $6,888.59; men's wear, $4,594.83; and men's furnishings (socks, belts, underwear, sleepwear), $3,566.83.
Opened in 1894 as Welch's Men's Furnishings, the retailer filled the need for work shoes and repairs.
he drove full tilt at the short plump figure of Joe Zamschnick, men's furnishings ("Just a Whisper Off The Square").