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Plural of man-child.
References in classic literature ?
There were three boys: Mary was not discontented that she brought forth men-children only; and when Fred wished to have a girl like her, she said, laughingly, "that would be too great a trial to your mother.
Don't get me wrong, there were childish antics when I played, but the actions of West Brom star Rodriguez (below) reaffirmed my belief that the game is now full of men-children.
Can we, my friends, stand in our stockinged feet, lift our hands high and let the rain pour down on us, just let the rain, let the rain, let the rain touch our hands, shine, and then no more volcanoes going to tumble out, no more world stock markets plunging hundreds of points, no more women's bodies numbed by date rape drugs, no more men-children swaggering, cocking guns at each other, no more alabaster-rcolored police officers pressing down on triggers before the faces of doe-eyed boys the color of muskets.