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a. A possible danger; a threat: a careless driver who was a menace to public safety.
b. The quality of being threatening: a hint of menace in his voice.
2. A troublesome or annoying person: considered her little brother to be a menace.
tr.v. men·aced, men·ac·ing, men·ac·es
To constitute a threat to; endanger: Rome was menaced by invading armies.

[Middle English manace, from Old French, from Late Latin minācia, sing. of Latin mināciae, threats, menaces, from mināx, mināc-, threatening, from minārī, to threaten, from minae, threats; see men- in Indo-European roots.]

men′ac·er n.
men′ac·ing·ly adv.
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Adv.1.menacingly - in a menacing mannermenacingly - in a menacing manner; "the voice at the other end of the line dropped menacingly"
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بِتَهْديد، مُهَدِّدا
á ógnandi hátt
tehdit eder şekilde


[ˈmenɪsɪŋlɪ] ADVde modo amenazador
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advdrohend; …, he said menacingly…, sagte er mit drohender Stimme
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[ˈmɛnɪsɪŋlɪ] advminacciosamente
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(ˈmenəs) noun
1. something likely to cause injury, damage etc. Traffic is a menace on narrow roads.
2. a threat or show of hostility. His voice was full of menace.
to threaten. menaced by danger.
ˈmenacing adjective
threatening to harm. a menacing weapon.
ˈmenacingly adverb
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References in classic literature ?
"Where have you been, vagabond?" he asked menacingly.
But the guns remained loaded, the loopholes in blockhouses and entrenchments looked out just as menacingly, and the unlimbered cannon confronted one another as before.
Once at the foot of the ridge, they came cautiously to their feet, and, bent half-double, advanced silently upon the unconscious white man, their heavy war-clubs swinging menacingly in their brawny hands.
"Sure that is all?" Martin demanded menacingly, possessing himself of it.
He stood facing her with his eyes glittering menacingly under his scowling brows, and he squeezed his strong arms across his chest, as though he were straining every nerve to hold himself in.
The boy and the ape growled menacingly in chorus and the carnivore moved on.
On his comely head he set his helmet, well-wrought, with a crest of horse-hair that nodded menacingly above it, and he grasped a redoubtable spear that suited his hands.
"Silence!" admonished the newcomer, his straight brows gathered in an ominous frown and the point of his longsword playing menacingly before the eyes of the kaldane.
The noise of his entrance brought Paulvitch to his feet, where he stood glowering menacingly at Tarzan.
The dogs clustered together in fear, now and again snarling menacingly as a pair of eyes drew close.
Along the bank we had just quitted, a score of lions paced to and fro, growling menacingly. We could not return, and we struck out for the opposite shore.
But when the ends of the rope were placed in the stranger's hands, he growled menacingly. He had merely intimated his displeasure, in his pride believing that to intimate was to command.