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1. Lying; untruthful: a mendacious child.
2. False; untrue: a mendacious statement. See Synonyms at dishonest.

[From Latin mendācium, lie, from mendāx, mendāc-, mendacious.]

men·da′cious·ly adv.
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Adv.1.mendaciously - in a mendacious and untruthful mannermendaciously - in a mendacious and untruthful manner; "I told him, quite untruthfully, that I had just returned from leave"


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However, this meddling has mendaciously sought to stoke social tensions and undermine public trust in democracy itself.
Such bias is precisely what Bishop James Jones' recent report on Hillsborough, aptly entitled 'The patronising disposition of unaccountable power', describes as encouraging cover-ups relying on mendaciously abusive official attitudes towards innocent and/or underprivileged members of the public - and by implication politicians like Mr Sargeant who for all their own human limitations usually do their honest best to represent them.
He brilliantly nails it: "Their failure to frame arguments based on an essence of truth gives space for the outsiders to flourish mendaciously.
Find out what a "class A Mandate" is, when it was carefully not applied and how it has been inserted mendaciously into a recent and much-quoted UN document.
Naturai narrative describes events that actually occurred (or which the speaker mendaciously or mistakenly claims actually occurred)" (Eco, 1994a: 121).
Indeed, the Kremlin appears increasingly determined to apply to Syria the policy practiced in Chechnya, namely to 'kick into the crapper' those whom Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is again mendaciously labeling 'terrorists.
Your political cartoon "Bloodline" mendaciously lumped together venues of so-called gun violence that are not in the same category Those mentioned above were perpetuated by radical Islamic terrorists while the Sandy Hook, Aurora, Charleston and Virginia Tech atrocities were caused by those affected by bigotry, mental illness or lack of moral integrity
Leave" campaigners mendaciously and recklessly capitalised on popular distrust of the ruling elites and discontent about growing inequality and rapid social change to advance their own interests.
It is dizzying, mentally, to watch candidates' verbal acrobatics as they try to pass several litmus tests to satisfy disparate demands of sundry constituencies and mendaciously flip-flop on many issues--ignoring the fact that everything they have said was recorded or videotaped.
Germany's Sparkasse Savings Bank allowed opponents of the existence of Israel, who have mendaciously likened the Jewish State to the Third Reich, to deliver a talk in its office.
How indeed could he fiddle with truth so mendaciously as to equate the deaths of the Gazans at the hands of the Israeli uniformed murderers and the Israeli soldiers in the clashes with Hamas and other Palestinian fighters?
Then-Senator John Kerry, representing the Obama administration as well as the Senate, mendaciously declared on April 17, 2009 that full restoration of humanitarian capacity would be a matter of weeks: "We have agreement [with Khartoum] that in the next weeks we will be back to 100 percent capacity.