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 (mĕn′fōk′) or men·folks (-fōks′)
1. Men considered as a group.
2. The male members of a community or family.
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(ˈmɛnˌfəʊk) or


pl n
men collectively, esp the men of a particular family
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also men′folks`,
men, esp. those of a family or community.
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الرجال، الذُّكور
ailenin erkek efradıerkekler


[ˈmenfəʊk] NPLhombres mpl
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[ˈmɛnfəʊk] nplhommes mpl
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plMänner pl, → Mannsvolk nt (old)
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[ˈmɛnˌfəʊk] npluomini mpl
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(mӕn) plural men (men) noun
1. an adult male human being. Hundreds of men, women and children; a four-man team.
2. human beings taken as a whole; the human race. the development of man.
3. obviously masculine male person. He's independent, tough, strong, brave – a real man!
4. a word sometimes used in speaking informally or giving commands to someone. Get on with your work, man, and stop complaining!
5. an ordinary soldier, who is not an officer. officers and men.
6. a piece used in playing chess or draughts. I took three of his men in one move.
verbpast tense, past participle manned
to supply with men (especially soldiers). The colonel manned the guns with soldiers from our regiment.
-man (-mən) , (-mӕn) a person (formerly usually used for either sex; currently, often replaced by -person when the person referred to can be of either sex) who performs a particular activity, as in postman, *milkman, *chairman
ˈmanhood noun
1. (of a male) the state of being adult, physically (and mentally) mature etc. He died before he reached manhood.
2. manly qualities. He took her refusal to marry him as an insult to his manhood.
manˈkind noun
the human race as a whole. He worked for the benefit of all mankind.
ˈmanly adjective
having the qualities thought desirable in a man, ie strength, determination, courage etc. He is strong and manly.
ˈmanliness noun
manned adjective
supplied with men. a manned spacecraft.
ˈman-eating adjective
which will eat people. a man-eating tiger.
ˈman-eater noun
manˈhandle verb
1. to move, carry etc by hand. When the crane broke down, they had to manhandle the crates on to the boat.
2. to treat roughly. You'll break all the china if you manhandle it like that!
ˈmanhole noun
a hole (usually in the middle of a road or pavement) through which someone may go to inspect sewers etc.
ˌman-ˈmade adjective
made, happening or formed by man, not by natural means. a man-made lake.
ˈmanpower noun
the number of people available for employment etc. There's a shortage of manpower in the building industry.
ˈmanservantplural ˈmenservants noun
a male servant (especially one employed as a valet). He has only one manservant.
ˈmansize(d) adjective
of a size suitable for a man; large. a mansized breakfast.
ˈmanslaughter noun
the crime of killing someone, without intending to do so. He was found guilty of manslaughter.
ˈmenfolk noun plural
male people, especially male relatives. The wives accompanied their menfolk.
ˈmenswear (ˈmenz-) noun
clothing for men. Do you sell menswear?
as one man
simultaneously; together. They rose as one man to applaud his speech.
the man in the street
the ordinary, typical, average man. The man in the street often has little interest in politics.
man of letters
a writer and/or scholar. Shakespeare was perhaps Britain's greatest man of letters.
man of the world
a sophisticated man who is not likely to be shocked or surprised by most things. You can speak freely – we're all men of the world.
man to man as one man to another; openly or frankly: They talked man to man about their problems; adjective (etc)
a man-to-man discussion.
to a man
every one, without exception. They voted to a man to accept the proposal.
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I determined not to return tonight to the gloom-haunted rooms, but to sleep here, where, of old, ladies had sat and sung and lived sweet lives whilst their gentle breasts were sad for their menfolk away in the midst of remorseless wars.
MAUREEN Burford of the Eastham Lodge club, who began playing golf to join the menfolk in her family, is the new captain of the Society of West Cheshire Lady Golf Captains.
Because little more than a holiday flight away, women and children are being routinely raped and murdered and their menfolk killed - by their own Government's evil henchmen.
And the symbolism to Suri menfolk of beating your opponent into submission with a massive rod isn't hard to grasp.
MENFOLK, I try to understand, I really do, but the latest technological development has me more confused than Graham Norton trying to open a bra with one hand.
This makes her a big hit with the smitten (and prob ably not all that fussy) Waorani menfolk, one of whom starts dragging home a staggering array of dead wildlife with which to impress this grinning only blonde giantess who has landed in their midst.
CONGRATULATIONS to Glasgow menfolk, as according to the latest daft poll - sorry, intelligent gathering of critical information - it seems you're among the cleanest in the country.
PUCKER up, menfolk because, according to new research, women decide if a bloke is worth keeping around based on the quality of their first kiss.
I'm sure, in the name of public decency, all you menfolk out there will join me in calling for an end to this indiscreet madness ...
While their menfolk sorted out the problems of the planet at a summit in St Petersburg yesterday, the wives - with Cherie Blair on the right - posed sedately for a team photo.
While their menfolk battled over big issues affecting the planet, their other halves donned power suits and smart handbags for a team photo yesterday in St Petersburg.
SO ladies, our menfolk now spend almost as much on beauty products as women.