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n. pl. menhaden or men·ha·dens
Any of several fishes of the genus Brevoortia, especially B. tyrannus of North American Atlantic waters, used as a source of fish oil, fishmeal, fertilizer, and bait. Also called pogy.

[Probably blend of Narragansett munnawhatteaûg, a herring-like fish (akin to munnohquohteau, he enriches the land, from its use as a fertilizer) and American English dialectal (New England) poghaden, menhaden (probably of Algonquian origin).]
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n, pl -den
(Animals) a marine North American fish, Brevoortia tyrannus: source of fishmeal, fertilizer, and oil: family Clupeidae (herrings, etc)
[C18: from Algonquian; probably related to Narragansett munnawhatteaúg fertilizer, menhaden]
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(mɛnˈheɪd n)

n., pl. -den.
a herringlike W Atlantic fish, Brevoortia tyrannus: important as a source of oil and fertilizer.
[1785–95, Amer.; perhaps < Narragansett (E sp.) munnawhatteaûg]
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Noun1.menhaden - shad-like North American marine fishes used for fish meal and oil and fertilizermenhaden - shad-like North American marine fishes used for fish meal and oil and fertilizer
clupeid, clupeid fish - any of numerous soft-finned schooling food fishes of shallow waters of northern seas
menhaden oil - a fatty oil obtained from the menhaden fish and used in paint and ink and in treating leather
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According to National Fisherman, "On the industrial side of the fishery, where menhaden is processed into feed for poultry and pigs, the demand for fish is depressed by a surplus of soy, which serves the same purpose." All that ground-up menhaden, it seems, could be readily replaced by ground-up soybeans.
Delivered with a straight face, von Rosenberg's pitch was that human consumption of oil concentrates from the lowly menhaden fish battled cardiovascular disease and even rheumatoid arthritis.
Followed by the diet countering 3.94% deoiled lecithin and 2.42% Menhaden oil (172% and 2.03 [+ o -] 0.054 respectively).
Millions of hungry fish larvae-striped bass, white perch, menhaden, spot and others-depend on certain kinds of zooplankton, but not at the same time, says Robert Wood of the University of Maryland.
Examples include: herring, tuna, salmon, anchovy, pilchard, sardine, menhaden, and mackerel.
Though humans find some small fish, such as menhaden, distasteful, they eat other varieties, such as sardine, anchovy, and mackerel.
Depending on the color, length, and fullness of the fly you can imitate effectively all the common Atlantic baitfish, including spearing, sandeels, mullet, killifishes, anchovies, herring, and menhaden.
"We suggest that our customers reduce the oil percentage in their food applications by the amount of menhaden oil that will deliver the desired omega-3 dosage."
Omega Protein produces menhaden oil, used in a variety of foods for its high content of omega-3 fatty acids.
There are several other underutilized species being considered for adaptation to the surimi process, including Pacific whiting, hake and menhaden. So, it is reasonable to assume that additional sources of surimi will be available to maintain the supply.
However, a variety of live baits including menhaden, large Spanish sardines, bluefish, blue runners, whiting, croaker and virtually any live bait that can be barbed and slow trolled right in your boat's propwash.
reported that dietary salsalate in combination with lower amounts of menhaden oil provided greater benefit in diabetes-induced vascular and neural impairment than menhaden oil alone, stressing the importance of combination therapy for the treatment of DPN.