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n. meningomielocele, protrusión de la médula espinal y las meninges a través de un defecto en la columna vertebral.
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Only seven (9.5%) of the cases had chronic illnesses (hypotonic infant, n=2; developmental dysplasia of the hip, n=2; meningomyelocele, n=1; wheezy infant, n=1; cerebral palsy and epilepsy, n=1).
Work participation among persons with traumatic spinal cord injury and meningomyelocele. J Rehabil Med 2006; 38(3):192-200.
Spinal dural defects may arise in association with traumatic or neoplastic destruction, following routine spinal surgery procedures, after neurosurgical interventions requiring dural resection or for congenital reasons such as meningomyelocele, when duraplasty has to be performed [1-3].
She was operated for lumbar meningomyelocele at 3 years of age resulting in decreased sensation on both buttocks.
The second case was a 30-year-old female with a history of meningomyelocele operation in 1985 and ileocystoplasty in 1992.
Further examinations such as three-dimensional computed tomography showed specific skeletal anomalies (Figure 1c), whereas magnetic resonance imaging showed multiple anomalies, including meningomyelocele, ventriculomegaly, the deformation of the vertebra and ribs, and a Bochdalek hernia.
Positive CSF was defined as white blood cell (WBC) more than 10/ ul in CSF.Children with meningomyelocele, prior central nervous system pathology, seizure disorder, hydrocephalus, history of recurrent meningitis and acute head trauma were excluded.
Another reported case with Triple X syndrome was a 7-year-old girl with multiple congenital anomalies including curved bushy eyebrows, small palpebral fissures, a broad nasal bridge, a bilateral cleft lip and palate, camptodactyly, sacral meningomyelocele and bilateral talipes equinovarus.
He also had meningomyelocele repair at 2 months of age.
In more severe forms of this condition, a lump or sac (meningomyelocele or meningocele) usually containing cerebrospinal fluid, and part of the spinal cord are seen protruding from the lower back.