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anterior view of a knee joint


n. pl. me·nis·ci (-nĭs′ī, -kī, -kē) or me·nis·cus·es
1. A crescent-shaped body.
2. A concavo-convex lens.
3. The curved upper surface of a nonturbulent liquid in a container that is concave if the liquid wets the container walls and convex if it does not.
4. A cartilage disk that acts as a cushion between the ends of bones that meet in a joint.

[New Latin, from Greek mēniskos, diminutive of mēnē, moon, month; see mē- in Indo-European roots.]

me·nis′cal (-kəl), me·nis′cate′ (-kăt′), me·nis′coid′ (-koid′), men′is·coi′dal (mĕn′ĭs-koid′l) adj.
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The facet's motion will take the intra-articular meniscoid to the extreme ranges of motion.
In such cases, barium studies may reveal a giant meniscoid or ovoid ulcer surrounded by a thick, irregular mass of tumor (Figure 8).
The inferior part appears to be more rounded and continuous with the articular cartilage and firmly attached to the glenoid (Cooper et al 1992), whereas the superior part is more meniscoid and has a loose attachment to the glenoid (Cooper et al 1992).