meno mosso

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me·no mos·so

 (mā′nō môs′sō, mĕ′nō)
adv. & adj. Music
At a lower speed. Used chiefly as a direction.

[Italian : meno, less + mosso, agitated.]

meno mosso

(ˈmɛnəʊ ˈmɒsəʊ)
(Music, other) music to be played at reduced speed. Often shortened to: meno
[Italian: less rapid]
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Noun1.meno mosso - played at reduced speed; less rapid
pacing, tempo - (music) the speed at which a composition is to be played
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A rather more relaxed meno mosso section became slightly ponderous though any misgivings were rapidly replaced when the harmonically sumptuous andante began.
Hermoso sentido del color, dinamismo intenso y fluir irrestricto se ven mitigados por tal decision carente de respaldo, puesto que la partitura tan solo especifica Meno; de ninguna manera: Molto meno mosso.
There must be few violinists or conductors who have not resolved to see if they can avoid the usual exaggerated meno mosso for the G minor episode in the development of the first movement.