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1. Ecclesiastical The top surface of an altar.
2. Mensa A southern constellation between Hydrus and Volans.

[Latin mēnsa, table.]
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n, Latin genitive Mensae (ˈmɛnsiː)
(Celestial Objects) a faint constellation in the S hemisphere lying between Hydrus and Volans and containing part of the Large Magellanic Cloud
[Latin, literally: the table]


an international society, membership of which is restricted to people whose intelligence test scores exceed those expected of 98 per cent of the population
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Noun1.Mensa - a faint constellation in the polar region of the southern hemisphere and containing part of the Large Magellanic CloudMensa - a faint constellation in the polar region of the southern hemisphere and containing part of the Large Magellanic Cloud
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nMensa no art
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So, after three lessons in Latin grammar, one might correct a fellow student, whose knowledge did not embrace the ablative of "mensa."
The Malaysian Mensa Society will once again host Mensa International's International Board of Directors (IBD) meeting from October 10 to 12 in Kuala Lumpur.
Ahmedabad, India, August 15, 2019 --( Mantra Softech has introduced an innovative canteen management solution in its portfolio of the next-generation biometric and RFID solutions called "mensa." Mantra's canteen management solution is designed to create a hassle-free dining experience in the canteen or cafeteria of organizations, schools, hospitals, factories, and hostels.
Only a handful of children under the age of 12 have received an invitation to join Mensa's High IQ Society in the UK and Ireland.
Tara Sharifi, 11, said she was "shocked" after scoring 162, the highest number possible, on the Mensa IQ test.
Yesterday, the Chairman of the Electoral Commission (EC) of Ghana, Mrs Jean Mensa, revealed that in 2016, the cost incurred by the Electoral Commission in conducting elections with a voter population of 15,712,499 was $12.03 per voter, a figure higher than that of Nigeria and Tanzania, where elections cost $9.55 and $5 per head respectively.
An extremely bright Bargeddie schoolgirl has accepted an invitation to join Mensa. The remarkable achievement recognises Lola Pearson's IQ as being among the top two per cent of the world's population.
Summary: Plus, why Vic Mensa called XXXTenacion out in his cipher
An 11-year-old girl has achieved the highest possible score in a Mensa IQ test, even surpassing that of famed scientists Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein.
Harrison Casey got 162 marks on a Mensa paper, the maximum possible result and two points higher than the estimated IQs of Einstein and cosmologist Hawking.
12-year-old Harrison Casey has a Mensa score of 162 ROB BROWNE