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 (mĕn′stro͞o-əl) also men·stru·ous (-əs)
1. Of or relating to menstruation.
a. Taking place on a monthly basis.
b. Lasting for one month.

[Middle English, from Old French menstruel, from Latin mēnstruālis, from mēnstruus, menstrual, from mēnsis, month; see mē- in Indo-European roots.]
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The raising of the dead, the cleansing of menstruous woman, the healing of the sick, the opening of the eyes of the blind and all messianic activities; they are signs of the presence in the world of the promised salvation.
Frazer stated that menstruous girls, just like women after childbirth are "suspended, so to say between heaven and earth" (2009: 606).
She discusses textual immanence in The Temple, Edward Taylor's "Menstruous Cloth," metaphor and resistance in John Donne, Richard Crashaw, and immanent textualities in a a postsacramental world.