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 (mĕn′sər-əl, -shər-)
1. Of or relating to measure.
2. Music Having notes of fixed rhythmic value.

[Late Latin mēnsūrālis, from Latin mēnsūra, measure; see measure.]


1. of or involving measure
2. (Music, other) music of or relating to music in which notes have fixed values in relation to each other
[C17: from Late Latin mēnsūrālis, from mēnsūra measure]


(ˈmɛn ʃər əl, -sər-)

pertaining to measure.
[1600–10; < Late Latin]
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Adj.1.mensural - of or relating to measure
2.mensural - having notes of fixed rhythmic valuemensural - having notes of fixed rhythmic value
music - an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner
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The mensural shifts serve predominantly to diversify the form.
Although the hymnbook is considerably large and most of the songs also provide a melody printed in white mensural notation, the format is also the smallest Czech hymnal of its time.
5, the exercise's opening eighth notes give way to a syncopated half-note figure marked with a symbol resembling ":[section]:", which van Tour identifies as the signum congruentiae (a device with origins in fourteenth-century mensural notation).
Previous researchers, including Howell (1901), Hall (1981), and Hoffmeister (1986), have mentioned that the tympanic bullae of hooded skunk are enlarged and slightly inflated when compared to those of striped skunk, but presented no specific mensural comparisons.
With the rise of modern science, however, the mensural function of perspectival images was increasingly challenged by other modes of projection better suited to technical notation.
callospermophili was recovered from the feces of round-tailed ground squirrels captured throughout all months of all three field seasons; the morphological and mensural data for oocysts recovered during the 2014 field season were reported by Hnida (2016).
Isso indica a transformacao do processo contemporaneo de mundializacao do patrimonio em todo o mundo, proteger um patrimonio "ordinario" conduz a considerarmos uma grande complexidade que nao para de evoluir, porque a questao toca a escala local-urbana e implica um numero elevado de atores, desde os habitantes, no qual e dificil de mensural as implicacoes reais ou potenciais dentro das demandas patrimoniais, ate interesses do poder publico, que nao estao necessariamente alinhados com os da populacao, e os interesses privados.
Earlier in the text of the treatise, the streinant is said to be an ornament with metrical value equal to a note called a molosus: (33) "streinant et molosus equaliter cantentur sicut inferius patebit" [the streinant and molosus are sung equally, as will be shown below], (34) According to these definitions provided by the text of the treatise, the streinant is used as a mensural quantity-one streinant has the same metrical value as two breves.
Ravenscroft "sees the re-establishment of traditional, correct mensural practices as a key to 'proper' music-making" (64).
Particularmente relevante resulta la justipreciacion que Marin hace de aquellos singulares y bellamente dibujados libros de polifonia del siglo XVIII que todavia estan anotados en notacion mensural y que han supuesto un escollo para la musicologia tradicional.
The growth of the pelvis in the rat; a mensural and morphological study.