mental balance

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Noun1.mental balance - the healthy psychological state of someone with good judgmentmental balance - the healthy psychological state of someone with good judgment
mental health - the psychological state of someone who is functioning at a satisfactory level of emotional and behavioral adjustment
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The man Dunster has been drugged, he has lost some of his will; he may have lost some of his mental balance.
Then the soldier continued: "Putnam, of course, with his jolly common sense, pooh-poohed all my fears; and from that time dates his doubt of my mental balance.
01 (ANI): Muslim cleric Sayeed Mufti Mukarram on Thursday lashed out at Uttar Pradesh Shia Waqf Board Chairman Wasim Rizvi for his statement on surrendering mosque built atop destroyed temples to hindus and said that only a person who has lost mental balance can make such remark.
I believe yoga can make a big difference in helping alleviate some of the stress and allow them to refocus and find mental balance.
PTI legislator and Opposition leader Mian Mehmoodur Rasheed stated that Trump ahd lost his mental balance and could not even recognise the sacrifices laid down by Pakistanis who were fighting with terrorists.
For instance, as intelligence agents, you have to train in a certain way to keep your mental balance in direst situations," he added.
Wellness Opportunity Gaps 70% want more Energy only 40% feel they have it 65% want a Healthy Outlook only 40% feel they have the mental balance 40% want the Look of Health only 25% feel they attain it
In memory subtest of PGIBBD, recent memory, mental balance, attention-concentration, immediate recall, retention for dissimilar pairs, visual retention, and recognition were found to be disturbed in most of the patients (Table 3).
In this line, the "BOKRA AKID AHLA" campaign aims at breaking all set taboos in the Lebanese community to encourage Lebanese, to adopt modern optionsforpsychologicaltreatments thus helping in producing a healthier society maintaining a mental balance in a bid to limit problems in the Lebanese families and stop behavioral delinquencies.
He has lost mental balance and is making baseless allegations as he did not even spare Kejriwal's deceased brother-in-law," Jain said.
He does not have a sense of mental balance - and that is not a person you want anywhere near the nuclear codes.
People of Kashmir are neither surprised nor did they expect anything substantial to be delivered in the General Assembly because most people under the toxic influence of power and might, fail to retain their mental balance.