mental capacity

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Noun1.mental capacity - mental abilitymental capacity - mental ability; "he's got plenty of brains but no common sense"
intelligence - the ability to comprehend; to understand and profit from experience
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Although the Australian may be superior in acquirements, it by no means follows that he is likewise superior in mental capacity: indeed, from what I saw of the Fuegians when on board and from what I have read of the Australians, I should think the case was exactly the reverse.
On the evening of which we write, Monsieur Saillard, returning from the ministry, found a game of boston in full blast; Elisabeth was advising Falleix how to play; Madame Saillard was knitting in the chimney-corner and overlooking the cards of the vicar; Monsieur Baudoyer, motionless as a mile-stone, was employing his mental capacity in calculating how the cards were placed, and sat opposite to Mitral, who had come up from Ile-d'Adam for the Christmas holidays.
The principles of protection THERE are five principles - in the Mental Capacity Act 2005 - that the Court of Protection must apply when making a decision in the best interests of the person.
If the owner of a business, a partner or key shareholder dies suddenly or loses mental capacity as a result of an accident or illness, the impact could be devastating to the business and families concerned.
He said that these delusions prevented her from having the necessary mental capacity to intend to live separate and apart from him.
The fourth edition of this legal guide to community care practices in the UK has been revised to reflect the Mental Capacity Act of 2005 as well as new issues in changes in direct payments, self-directed care and NHS continuing health care.
A SHAKE-UP in the legal system could give more protection for people who lose the mental capacity to make decisions for themselves, according to a Coventry law firm.
The Mental Capacity Act will help support and protect people if they lose mental capacity now or in the future, she said.
Four guest speakers - Richard Brook from the Public Guardianship Office, Zac Bartholomew from CSIP, as well as three of its own speakers, John Wearing, Jon Lloyd and Deborah Walton - gave expert advice on the practical implications of the new Mental Capacity Act, due to come into effect in October.
He wrote: "Miss Woolstenhulme who tells me her bank account with you, which is a Tracker account, has been "frozen" pending a letter from myself with regards to her mental capacity.
The scientists also discovered anti-DNA antibodies in the spinal fluid of one lupus patient whose mental capacity is declining.
Now Pham--who has the mental capacity of a sixth-grader and lives in a group home with four other disabled adults--is afraid to leave the house.