mental defectiveness

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Noun1.mental defectiveness - retardation sufficient to fall outside the normal range of intelligence
backwardness, mental retardation, subnormality, slowness, retardation - lack of normal development of intellectual capacities
feeblemindedness - severe mental deficiency
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Christofi's "mental defectiveness", she added, was not of the type conducive to sympathy which could have resulted in her being declared 'mad'.
Florida amended its code to require the state's Department of Law Enforcement to "compile and maintain an automated database of persons who are prohibited from purchasing a firearm based on court records of adjudications of mental defectiveness or commitments to mental institutions." Fla.
mental defectiveness hot amounting to idiocy, yet so pronounced that they are incapable of managing themselves or their affairs, or, in the case of children, being taught to do so;