mental exhaustion

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Noun1.mental exhaustion - exhaustion that affects mental keennessmental exhaustion - exhaustion that affects mental keenness
exhaustion - extreme fatigue
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With such pleasant thoughts filling him alternately with despair and rage, Carthoris at last dropped into the sleep of utter mental exhaustion.
This country villa pleased the prince very much in his state of physical and mental exhaustion.
Moreover, after all the mental exhaustion of recording their new LP, the band are finally in the mood to celebrate - and they are doing so in their 'second favourite city', Manchester.
There have been warnings around inadequate uniforms, family saloons used as patrol cars, falling Garda numbers and even officers driven to mental exhaustion.
It is not just the physical tiredness; it is the mental exhaustion that differs.
Eucalyptus oil contains expectorant and stimulant properties that allows the head to be cleared of mental exhaustion, while it also increases focus and concentration.
Despite her traumatic experience, the star had to snap herself out of her emotional state about a month later when West was hospitalized for mental exhaustion.
The association of symptoms/problems with menopausal status revealed that joint and muscular discomfort, depressive mood, anxiety, and dryness of vagina were significantly more in perimenopausal women whereas physical and mental exhaustion, sleep problems and sexual problems were also more during perimenopausal period but were not significant.
Those experiencing fatigue complain of energy deficiency, mental exhaustion, poor muscle endurance, delayed recovery after physical exertion, and non-restorative sleep (Gaston & Prapavesis, 2013).
The physical and mental exhaustion of the cadres was an important element in the spasm of violence that put an end to the Revolution.
But on top of the physical fatigue, we're now suffering mental exhaustion from the constant onslaught of questions.
During a race, you face many different challenges-both those you can control, like physical and mental exhaustion, and those you can't, like the weather.