mental exhaustion

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Noun1.mental exhaustion - exhaustion that affects mental keennessmental exhaustion - exhaustion that affects mental keenness
exhaustion - extreme fatigue
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With such pleasant thoughts filling him alternately with despair and rage, Carthoris at last dropped into the sleep of utter mental exhaustion.
This country villa pleased the prince very much in his state of physical and mental exhaustion. On the day that they left for Pavlofsk, that is the day after his attack, he appeared almost well, though in reality he felt very far from it.
"The tempo was good, but just some mental exhaustion right now from the guys in regards to getting in and out of the huddle.
Too much work and excessive stress can lead to emotional, physical or mental exhaustion.A
Mental exhaustion and stress due to hectic lifestyle has led to increased spending on relaxing and rejuvenating therapies such as spa and aromatherapy.
Symptoms of burnout include mental exhaustion - we just can't seem to think our way through even the simplest of problems.
Hectic schedules is resulting in mental exhaustion along with eating and sleeping disorders globally.
It will aid them in learning and developing basic soft skills through various activities and presentations aimed for better coping with everyday life stresses and preventing mental exhaustion due to everyday hassles." Brain Education Middle East Regional Director Mohammed Abu Zeinab said, "If you simply wanted change, your mind can quickly grasp and choose the idea and this is where Brain Education comes in.
Mental exhaustion was forgotten, spirits were high around the dinner tables, and much laughter and conviviality were visible.
The National Epidemiological Survey in Japan, conducted between 1971 and 1974, reported that 25% of 2.418 patients with ISSHL noted apparent triggers prior to the hearing loss, such as the common cold, physical exhaustion, or mental exhaustion (Results of Nationwide Epidemiological Surveys on Sudden Deafness (NESSD) reported by the Research Committee on Acute Profound Deafness of the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Japan, 1975).
When feeling overwhelmed, we experience intense but short periods of angst, worry, fear, and mental exhaustion. Being overwhelmed makes it difficult to stay grounded.
Mental exhaustion after work more than twice a month is reported by 63% of the teachers, for physical exhaustion - 48%, and for sleeping disorders - 40%.