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Noun1.mental measurement - a generic term used to cover any application of measurement techniques to the quantification of mental functions
measurement, measuring, mensuration, measure - the act or process of assigning numbers to phenomena according to a rule; "the measurements were carefully done"; "his mental measurings proved remarkably accurate"
mental test, mental testing, psychometric test, test - any standardized procedure for measuring sensitivity or memory or intelligence or aptitude or personality etc; "the test was standardized on a large sample of students"
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Rather than settling on an image or a mental measurement, Ikea encourages their customers to walk through a "real" room, to interact with their products and to see their products as they might be in their own home.
She supported the promotion of testing through journals targeted at Catholic educators and mental measurement courses in teacher training programs for religious sisters at Catholic colleges and normal schools.
In recent years, challenges to this idea have arisen, but the primary pressure for the consideration of cultural context in mental measurement has come through the courts rather than through the academy or the testing profession.
(78) They boasted that such studies distinguished the professional placement process as superior to the many adoptions arranged independently and without benefit of mental measurement.
Visit the library and peruse The Mental Measurement Yearbook, a compendium of screening tools, tests, and their reviews, updated annually.
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All mental measurement will also have to be based on it (Fechner, 1887, p.
7-9 in San Diego, is themed Librarians: 21st Century Information Partners; topics will include mental measurement tools, online virtual reference, cited reference searching, new trends in bibliotherapy, new advances in the treatment of anxiety and depression, and the future of librarianship.
After this study, a group project of "Identifying an assessment in your field, checking the Mental Measurement Yearbook for information about the assessment, and making a presentation to the class," was added to tap into students' abilities to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate materials that directly related to their field of study.
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Intellectual development was assessed using the Stutsman Mental Measurement of Preschool Children (2-6 years), the Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence (WPPSI 4-6 years) and the revised Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC-r-6-17 years).