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Noun1.mental note - special attention with intent to remembermental note - special attention with intent to remember; "he made a mental note to send her flowers"
attention - the faculty or power of mental concentration; "keeping track of all the details requires your complete attention"
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Tom turned in without the added vexation of prayers, and Sid made mental note of the omission.
Rachel, before she had fairly closed the door, had taken a mental note of everything that was on that table.
A red-faced man, slamming the cabin door behind him and stumping out on the deck, interrupted my reflections, though I made a mental note of the topic for use in a projected essay which I had thought of calling "The Necessity for Freedom: A Plea for the Artist." The red-faced man shot a glance up at the pilot-house, gazed around at the fog, stumped across the deck and back (he evidently had artificial legs), and stood still by my side, legs wide apart, and with an expression of keen enjoyment on his face.
The twins made mental note that he was smooth-faced and rather handsome, and smooth and undulatory in his movements--graceful, in fact.
He did not know what "English" meant, but he made a mental note of that item of ignorance and passed on.
Making a mental note that he would come back some time and study the class of persons that must sit and drink at those multitudinous tables, he proceeded to circumnavigate the room.
"I 'm glad to hear it," said Polly, making a mental note of the fact.
A sympa- thetic comparison of mental notes would have been a joy to him.
He was in love with her and he was mad with grief, but as he sat at the bedside watching her die he found himself making mental notes of how she looked and what she said and the things he was feeling.
The rough mental notes made in the first five minutes by Mr.
The worst was past, and for the rest of the evening she moved about among the amateurs and professionals, talking, listening, observing, finding out what it meant and taking mental notes of it all.
His full-throttle style impressed Diamonds' co-promoter Martin Phillips when he notched seven (paid nine) against Newcastle in a win for the Bears at the end of August and he made a mental note Lunna was a racer he would love to see in a Diamonds' body-colour.