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Noun1.pogonion - the craniometric point that is the most forward-projecting point on the anterior surface of the chin
craniometric point - a landmark on the skull from which craniometric measurements can be taken
jawbone, jowl, lower jaw, lower jawbone, mandible, mandibula, mandibular bone, submaxilla - the jaw in vertebrates that is hinged to open the mouth
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It is true Frances' mental points had been the first to interest me, and they still retained the strongest hold on my preference; but I liked the graces of her person too.
He sees nothing attractive in me; not even youth--only a few useful mental points.
The kid has his feet on the ground, he's very calm and he's passed some important tests, not just from the football point of view, but from the mental point of view.
I think it is a step forward for us from a mental point of view because we have not been good at getting back into games when we are trailing.
Repeating words or phrases to change one's mental point of view is called affirmation.
It's even closer and tighter after the weekend games so it's nice just to be out of that play-off position from a mental point of view going into a break.
But I know there are definitely things I need to regain from an emotional and mental point of view.
But there are definitely things that I need to regain from the emotional, mental point of view.
It ended up being a good day for the club and the fans and I think we're in a better shape than some would suggest - I don't think we can be questioned from physical or mental point of view.
He added: "From a mental point of view it (the win) was big for us and got us over a potential mental barrier.
It is always difficult when you come back from injury but I thought, from a mental point of view, it was really good," he said.
And Slade has no fears about Moore stepping up to the plate, adding: "He is ready - he works hard in training and his work ethic is extraordinary so he'll be ready form a physical and mental point of view.