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1. Feats of mental power that are not explainable by science, such as telepathy and mind reading.
2. Philosophy
a. Any of several doctrines holding that mental phenomena are real and interact with the real world and are not necessarily reducible to the functioning of the brain.
b. A doctrine that the justification of any belief lies ultimately in the mind of the person holding the belief.

men′tal·ist n.
men′tal·is′tic adj.
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(ˈmɛn tl ɪst)

1. a person who believes in or advocates mentalism.
2. a mind reader or fortune-teller.
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Summary: Actor reprises his role as a mentalist in the horror comedy
The show featured Behavioural Scientist Mohammed Rafi and Mentalist Nipin Niravath whose performances wowed the audience.
The man picked one, after which the mentalist asked him to quietly read two paragraphs from a page.
She appeared in Ugly Betty and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, then the occasional episode of dramas like Californication, The Mentalist and NCIS.
THE Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival is set to blow your mind - thanks to a top mentalist.
We all like a bit of magic, but when that magic involves some mentalist action that promises to play with your mind, the magic performed may not be for the weak-hearted.
Among the resource persons tapped for the culinary special was a 'mentalist' who correctly guessed in advance that Heston would sketch a giant balloon, out of the myriad choices available to him.
GERMAN mentalist Nicolai Friedrich has baffled many over the years.
This is remarkable only because I had been jotting down notes in preparation for an interview with Uri Gellerthe controversial Israeli magician, mentalist, and bender of spoons who, despite famously failing to work his magic on American late-night television in 1973, has led many lives since: star of reality television, dowser, friend and confidante to the rich and famous, and perhaps even psychic spy for the Mossad and the CIA.
With his nemesis Red John finally killed off, this last ever series for The Mentalist will find out just what kind of a couple these two will turn out to be.
Lisbon Jane Mentalist MODERN TIMES: 24 HOUR PARCEL PEOPLE (9pm BBC2) IN 2014, the number of parcels delivered in the UK topped the 2 billion mark for the first time.
He'll be joined by illusionists and circus skills experts High Jinx, family entertainer Dave Andrews, daring double act Diamond and Jade, multi award-winning German mentalist Satori and Teesside's John Archer, who is currently starring in CBBC show Help My Supply Teacher is Still Magic.