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A fragrant white crystalline organic compound, C10H20O, obtained from peppermint oil or synthesized. It is used in perfumes, in cigarettes, as a mild topical anesthetic, and as a mint flavoring.

[German, from Latin menta, mentha, mint; see mint2.]

men′tho·lat′ed adj.
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(Chemistry) containing, treated, or impregnated with menthol
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(ˈmɛn θəˌleɪ tɪd)

containing, covered, or treated with menthol.
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Adj.1.mentholated - containing, or impregnated with, mentholmentholated - containing, or impregnated with, menthol; "mentholated cough syrup"
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مُضاف إليهِ مِنْثول


[ˈmenθəleɪtɪd] ADJmentolado
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adjmit Menthol
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(ˈmenθəl) noun
a sharp-smelling substance got from peppermint oil used to help give relief from colds etc. If you have a cold put some menthol in boiling water and breathe in the steam; Some cigarettes contain menthol.
ˈmentholated (-leitid) adjective
containing menthol. mentholated cigarettes.
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The oils locked inside the mud are mentholated, which is the perfect partner to the steam, meaning you unwind in the warmth and your respiratory system benefits from the steam which has been infused to detoxify your skin.
Juliano points out that Luden's newest product, Dual Relief, responds to consumers' unmet need for a great-tasting mentholated cough drop.
In addition, mentholated and other flavored tobacco products have been heavily promoted to certain racial/ethnic minority populations, including black communities (9).
The strong, mentholated flavour and antibacterial quality of peppermint tea are ideal for improving breath," said Tanu Arora, Clinical Nutrition, and Dietetics, Aakash Healthcare Super Speciality Hospital.
The floral palate is under pinned by mineral notes and soothed by a mentholated freshness.
Living with a hookah smoker, speaking a second language other than English, and co-use of mentholated cigarettes or other flavored noncigarette tobacco products predicted current frequent smoking (adjusted odds ratios, 20.56, 2.17, 19.94, and 17.59, respectively).
Petroleum jelly, especially the mentholated kind, can create an effective barrier that keeps gnats from landing and biting your skin.
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She gets her first big break as a singer on the "Snack-O-Ham" radio program and then signs a radio contract that obligates her to sing for a year exclusively for "Pleasant, a new brand of mentholated cigarettes that was just coming on the market" (271).
--Regulatory decisions immediately banning sale of mentholated cigarettes or meaningfully increasing state or federal excise taxes on smoking products that significantly accelerates volume declines;