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tr.v. men·tioned, men·tion·ing, men·tions
To speak or write about, especially briefly or incidentally: I mentioned your idea during the conversation. She mentioned that she was going to be five minutes late.
1. The act or an instance of mentioning something: He made no mention of the incident in his report. There was a mention of the play in the local newspaper.
2. A statement or citation of honor or appreciation: Sponsors were given a special mention during the opening ceremony.
not to mention
In addition to; as well as.

[From Middle English mencioun, reference, from Old French, from Latin mentiō, mentiōn-; see men- in Indo-European roots.]

men′tion·a·ble adj.
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Then Newman reflected that these are mighty mysteries, that possibly he himself was indeed that baleful and barely mentionable thing, a cynic, and that his manner of considering the treasures of art and the privileges of life was probably very base and immoral.
The earliest mentionable English dictionary had appeared as far back as 1604,
Without any doubt it's mentionable that the detainees were involved in brutalities on Hamza camp, Kamra Base and GHQ.
Other mentionable features include water-proof and dust resistant IP55/IP58 certifications, NFC, Bluetooth v4.
It is also mentionable here that New Delhi has also launched major effort to develop laser weapons for military applications.
Abdul Razzaq (37), Raza Ali Dar (25), Kashif Siddiq (14), Umar Akmal (10) and Wahab Riaz (10) were some mentionable batsmen.
It is mentionable that India, US and Israel have been internationalizing the Balochistan issue in accordance with their secret goals.
It is mentionable that undoubtedly, the mentioned bribe has been given to the politicians on the instruction of late President Ghulam Ishaq Khan.
Other mentionable batsmen were Adnan Mehmood (24) and Mohammad Nawaz (10), others could hardly make it to the double figure, says a scorecard issued here.
It is mentionable that the TTP had condemned the brutal assault on the church in Peshawar.
Another mentionable feature is that the new smartphone ships with the 'Xolo Secure' app which helps to recover data loss/thefts.
It is mentionable here that Domki wife is the sister of Brahumdagh Bugti and granddaughter of late Akbar Bugti (Tribal Lord of Bugti Tribe).