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Noun1.mercantile establishment - a place of business for retailing goodsmercantile establishment - a place of business for retailing goods
country store, general store, trading post - a retail store serving a sparsely populated region; usually stocked with a wide variety of merchandise
department store, emporium - a large retail store organized into departments offering a variety of merchandise; commonly part of a retail chain
discount house, discount store, discounter, wholesale house - a sales outlet offering goods at a discounted price
market place, mart, marketplace, market - an area in a town where a public mercantile establishment is set up
merchandise, product, ware - commodities offered for sale; "good business depends on having good merchandise"; "that store offers a variety of products"
business establishment, place of business - an establishment (a factory or an assembly plant or retail store or warehouse etc.) where business is conducted, goods are made or stored or processed or where services are rendered
shopping center, shopping centre, shopping mall, mall, plaza, center - mercantile establishment consisting of a carefully landscaped complex of shops representing leading merchandisers; usually includes restaurants and a convenient parking area; a modern version of the traditional marketplace; "a good plaza should have a movie house"; "they spent their weekends at the local malls"
shop, store - a mercantile establishment for the retail sale of goods or services; "he bought it at a shop on Cape Cod"
strip mall - a mercantile establishment consisting of a row of various stores and business and restaurants along a road or busy street; usually opening on a parking lot
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He soon began buying land of his own in both counties, and by the 1840s, he had established the first store in an area near Prairieville that he called "Red Bud." He named the fledgling settlement after the flowering trees that surrounded his dry goods store the first permanent mercantile establishment in the town, located on the southeast corner of present-day Main and Market streets.
The measure would amend the state constitution, declaring no law shall prevent an optometrist from practicing in a "retail mercantile establishment." What's more, the measure would ban any law that discriminates against practices based on location, requires external entrances for offices in retail outlets or prevents the sale of prescription eyeglasses.
Here he wanted to set up "an extensive agricultural and mercantile establishment", similar to one Yarranton had seen at Harlem in The Netherlands.
Most sagacious Yemenis would not hesitate to point out that there is no scope for the regime to reform itself and bring the country on a more stable socio-economic orientation, since economic activity has been monopolized by a cutthroat mercantile establishment of family traders, often in collusion with the iconic elements that keep the regime in power and free from any meaningful opposition.
Rockmount is the longest lasting early mercantile establishment in the LoDo area.