Mercantile marine

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the persons and vessels employed in commerce, taken collectively.

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I had a lively picture of Captain Nichols flying headlong down a narrow gangway before the uplifted foot of an angry mate, and, like a true Englishman, rejoicing in the spirit of the Mercantile Marine.
No doubt we two should find many things to talk about by ourselves in reference to our common calling, added little Fyne portentously in his grave undertones, as if the Mercantile Marine were a secret society.
First there is a review of the economic difficulties confronting the British mercantile marine after 1918.
On November 3 in Athens, Greek Minister for Mercantile Marine, Manolis Kefaloyannis, confirmed Greece's determination to block the draft European decision that would criminalise maritime polluters.
Greenpeace also challenged claims from the Greek Minister for Mercantile Marine, Manolis Kefaloyannis that the move was needed to protect crews, and that Greek laws were among the strictest in the world.
In the trial at the Kobe District Court, the prosecutors demanded Takayuki Sato, 40, head of a group affiliated with the Yamaguchi-gumi, Japan's biggest underworld syndicate, for abducting and murdering Kuniaki Uranaka, a 27-year-old graduate student at Kobe University of Mercantile Marine.
A Liverpool Shipwreck and Humane Society Medal awarded to Captain Robert Parker of the SS Georgian for the rescue of the crew of the SS Ella abandoned in the North Atlantic, January 6, 1900, sold with his Mercantile Marine War Medal for pounds 410.
Rank: Ship's cook Regiment: Mercantile Marine Age: 36 Date of death: 20-4-1917 Buried at: Tower Hill Memorial Frank Cox Son of Raymond and Annie Cox of 48 Mackintosh Place.
As a sea-faring nation, dependent on the freedom of the seas for transporting much of our food and raw materials, we need a well-developed naval arm to ensure the safety and free passage of our mercantile marine.
His name is recalled on the Mercantile Marine Memorial in Tower Hill, and also on a brass plaque belonging to the Liverpool branch of the Marine Engineers' Association which was, for many years, in the Cunard Building's Britannia Room.