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Relating to or containing mercury, especially with a valence of 2.
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(Elements & Compounds) of or containing mercury in the divalent state; denoting a mercury(II) compound
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(mərˈkyʊər ɪk)

of or containing bivalent mercury.
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Adj.1.mercuric - of or containing mercurymercuric - of or containing mercury    
chemical science, chemistry - the science of matter; the branch of the natural sciences dealing with the composition of substances and their properties and reactions
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Haad advises the public to read posters or information on any whitening, or anti-aging product packaging thoroughly and to stop the use of any product that may contain the word 'mercurouschloride', calomel, mercuric, mercurio or mercury.
Alterations in ACP activity in the kidney and ovary of teleost fish, Channa punctatus, after mercuric chloride intoxication was reported by Shastry and Aggarwal (1979).
Mercury and mercuric chloride are environmental toxicants used in labs and industrial processes.
The substance, slimy and mercuric in its weight and its inertness, pushes them back to the surface.
Cell cycle studies in the regenerating rat nephron following injury with mercuric chloride.
Some authors have used local iodoform, ethylchloride, mercuric chloride, creosote, saline, or turpentine oil and systemic butazolidine or thiobendazole.
(3) Sulfide combines with ionized mercury ([Hg.sup.+2]) in seawater to form mercuric sulfide (HgS).
RESULTS: Prolonged exposure to low-dose mercuric ion ([Hg.sup.2+]; 0.25-5 [micro]M for 1-48 hr) induced erythrocyte shape changes from discocytes to echinocytes to spherocytes, accompanied by microvesicle (MV) generation.
As a representative of youth, I would like crimson and red colour, which embodies a message of love, affection, energy and mercuric temperament, she added.
They had to prepare it from cinnabar, naturally occurring mercuric sulphide.
Effects of ethyl mercuric chloride on mitosis of Secale cereale, Triticum vulgare, T.