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Noun1.mercury cell - a primary cell consisting of a zinc anode and a cathode of mercury oxide and an electrolyte of potassium hydroxide
galvanic cell, primary cell, voltaic cell - an electric cell that generates an electromotive force by an irreversible conversion of chemical to electrical energy; cannot be recharged
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According to a news release from the NC Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), for four decades, companies including Holtrachem and Honeywell, Inc., used a mercury cell process at the site in Riegelwood to make sodium hydroxide, liquid chlorine, hydrogen gas and other chemicals that were then sold to other companies.
The chlor-alkali market should benefit from capacity closures by Olin Corporation (433,000 tons announced March 21) and the requirement to shut 2.8 million tons of mercury cell production in Europe by year-end 2017, as well as limited additional capacity through 2020.
In chlor-alkali industry some technologies such as mercury cell, diaphragm cell and membrane cell are used, their feed is chlorine sodium and some potassium chloride solution.
Since 1949, Dow Chemical had operated a mercury cell plant (another facility started operations in 1965), to produce chlorine and caustic soda.
One of the next major projects on the redevelopment timeline involves taking down the Mercury Cell Building toward the southern section of the site, as well as removing 450 tons of mercury-contaminated soil and material.
A likely source for this fill material was an industrial chlor-alkali facility where a mercury cell process had been used to produce chlorine gas for the manufacture of chlorinated biphenyls.
Terra Soft's Yellow Dog Linux v5.0 is binary compatible with its release for the former Apple PowerPC product line and concurrent support for the Mercury Cell products and IBM Cell and pSeries servers.
(NASDAQ:MRCY) has introduced the Mercury Cell Accelerator Board (CAB), its latest Cell Broadband Engine (BE) processor-based product offering.
Internal calibration uses a built-in mercury cell and was performed in the field before and on completion of sampling in typical field conditions.
According to reports, Goldsmith intends to resell and ship the mercury overseas to chlorine-alkali plants in India that still use the highly polluting and outdated mercury cell technology once used by HoltraChem.
From 1935 until 1991, DS Industries operated a chlor-alkali plant as part of a three-plant Copenhagen chemical complex, known as Sojakagefabrik, using mercury cell technology.