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Adj.1.mercury-contaminated - contaminated by mercury
contaminated - corrupted by contact or association; "contaminated evidence"
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DeGasperis added, "The SR 342 realignment provided several sustainable advantages, including the removal and remediation of abandoned mercury-contaminated mine dumps, the capping and sealing of an historic 1000-foot vertical mine shaft, and the creation of a scenic, rock-lined waterway.
But if you take too much mercury-contaminated fish, the brain is affected.
The carpet, carpet pads, and other mercury-contaminated household items were removed; beads of mercury were observed on the floor when the carpets were removed.
But with dozens of Aboriginal communities living under boil-water advisories and facing mercury-contaminated food, we must address the inequities of environmental racism in Canada.
The animal had preyed mostly on raccoons, which ate large quantities of mercury-contaminated fish.
While there has been increasing suspicion of mercury poisoning, this new research confirms for the first time that Grassy Narrows residents are eating are the most mercury-contaminated in Ontario.
Concerns are still being raised about the risks to people eating mercury-contaminated fish caught in the Sudbury River, where warning signs are posted along the banks.
conjugatum seems to be the best plant species for phytoremediation of mercury-contaminated soil.
The McKenzie River's reputation as one of the state's purest rivers could be tainted if state environmental officials finalize a proposal to add the river to a list of mercury-contaminated waters.
On Wednesday, delegates held a ceremonial opening of the diplomatic conference in Minamata, the city where many local people were poisoned after eating mercury-contaminated seafood from Minamata Bay.
It was concluded from this part of study that bacteria and yeast could make much more efficient inoculum for remediation of mercury-contaminated industrial waste water.
After a review of current research, they look at a former chlor-alkali factory in Kazakhstan, an abandoned polyvinyl chloride factory on the Mediterranean coast, the Madeira River Basin as a case study of land use change and mercury mobilization in the Amazon, the chlor-alkali electrolysis industry, the long-term operation of a microbiological pilot plant for cleaning up mercury-contaminated wastewater at electrolysis factories in Europe, and the microbiological treatment of air scrubber solutions from a waste incineration plant and other mercury-contaminated wastewater.