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Adj.1.mercury-contaminated - contaminated by mercury
contaminated - corrupted by contact or association; "contaminated evidence"
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Dizon cited the group's efforts to promote action against the illegal trade of mercury-contaminated skin whitening cosmetics through product test buys, online store monitoring, public information, and engagement with national and local authorities.
'Health authorities, particularly the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), have made considerable efforts to curb the illegal sale of mercury-contaminated cosmetics such as skin lightening or whitening facial creams,' Dizon said.
Researchers say the technique has been effective in containing about 30 mercury-contaminated sites over the last 20 years.
A national strategy to identify and assess mercury-contaminated sites is among the objectives of the project, which has almost been achieved," said Mohammad Saleem.
The carpet, carpet pads, and other mercury-contaminated household items were removed; beads of mercury were observed on the floor when the carpets were removed.
But with dozens of Aboriginal communities living under boil-water advisories and facing mercury-contaminated food, we must address the inequities of environmental racism in Canada.
The animal had preyed mostly on raccoons, which ate large quantities of mercury-contaminated fish.
A small amount of mercury can have dangerous effects for months in human beings, animals, and plants and even affect the growth of bacteria in microorganisms although some bacteria are capable of surviving and growing in mercury-contaminated sites [5].
While there has been increasing suspicion of mercury poisoning, this new research confirms for the first time that Grassy Narrows residents are eating are the most mercury-contaminated in Ontario.
Concerns are still being raised about the risks to people eating mercury-contaminated fish caught in the Sudbury River, where warning signs are posted along the banks.
conjugatum seems to be the best plant species for phytoremediation of mercury-contaminated soil.