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1. A dance in rapid 2/4 time of Dominican and Haitian folk origin, characterized by a sliding step.
2. The music for this dance.

[American Spanish, from Spanish, meringue, from French méringue.]


1. (Music, other) a type of lively dance music originating in the Dominican Republic, which combines African and Spanish elements
2. (Dancing) a Caribbean dance in duple time with syncopated rhythm performed to such music
[from American Spanish and Haitian Creole]


(məˈrɛŋ geɪ)

a ballroom dance of Dominican and Haitian origin, characterized by a stiff-legged, limping step.
[1935–40; < American Spanish]


A sideways Latin American two-step for couples.
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Le technicien francais Zinedine Zidane serait de retour sur le banc du Real Madrid, en remplacement de Santiago Solari, qui sera remercie ce lundi en soiree, ont annonce plusieurs medias etrangers dont Marca, tres proche du club merengue. Ayant quitte le Real durant l'intersaison apres avoir mene le Real a remporter une troisieme Ligue des champions de suite, Zidane sera de retour pour un nouveau projet tout en ayant la garantie d'un gros recrutement.
A beginner class offering waltz, swing, cha-cha and merengue will be from 7 to 8:15 p.m.
The Merengue wind park, as it is named, is the company's first to be built in the city of Plasencia, within the autonomous community of Extremadura.
It will be the 175th ClAaAaAeAeAaAaAeA sico between Barcelona and Real Madri La Liga, where the Royal Merengue won 72 games, drew in 33, and lost
L'ouverture du score chanceuse de Cristiano Ronaldo sur un coup franc detourne (0-1, 23e) validait ainsi une emprise merengue de plus en plus marquee au cours de la premiere periode, achevee sans le moindre tir cadre de la part de l'Atletico.
DOMINICAN DEAL THOMSON offers 14-night holidays to the Dominican Republic staying at the 4T ClubHotel Riu Merengue on an all-inclusive basis from PS1,027 per person.
This is particularly important regarding danza and merengue. Madrid and Moore recognize that danzon emerged from contradanza and that originally the word was more an adjective than a noun--that is, a way to describe "a much bigger danza" Contradanza is not then (metaphorically) the "mother," but the "grandmother"; and danza should have been studied more carefully.
-- Siendo presidente del Real Madrid, Ramon Mendoza (1986-1995) solia decir que, en las cosas del poder, el club merengue no tenia rival, que su influencia estaba por encima de cualquier politico o institucion encumbrada.
HEAD to the four-star ClubHotel in Riu Merengue in Bahia Maimon in Dominican Republic for seven nights on an all-inclusive basis for just PS621pp, a saving of PS294pp.
"I'll be bringing in my own brand of strictly showbiz - a bit of salsa whilst they make the salsa, whisking meringue whilst doing the merengue!"
Tony Walton, 48, says his family's PS12,000 luxury holiday at the Club-Hotel Riu Merengue was wrecked by local guests on cheap all-inclusive package deals.