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v. merged, merg·ing, merg·es
To combine or unite into a single entity: merging two sets of data; merging two hospitals.
To become combined or united: "All the shadows on the wall shiver and merge into a single dark silhouette" (Chitra Divakaruni). See Synonyms at mix.

[Latin mergere, to plunge.]

mer′gence n.
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Adj.1.merged - formed or united into a wholemerged - formed or united into a whole  
united - characterized by unity; being or joined into a single entity; "presented a united front"
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Presently, as I went on, still gaining velocity, the palpitation of night and day merged into one continuous greyness; the sky took on a wonderful deepness of blue, a splendid luminous color like that of early twilight; the jerking sun became a streak of fire, a brilliant arch, in space; the moon a fainter fluctuating band; and I could see nothing of the stars, save now and then a brighter circle flickering in the blue.
They merged at last into a kind of hysterical exhilaration.
Once, and once alone, the artist in Ming Huang was merged in the Emperor.
At the same instant the sun came fully out from behind the clouds, and the clear sound of the solitary shot and the brilliance of the bright sunshine merged in a single joyous and spirited impression.
Nay, she was merged in the events she has described.
All his life was merged in the one feeling of suffering and desire to be rid of it.
And so all desires were merged in one--the desire to be rid of all his sufferings and their source, the body.
As the Mackinaw Company still continued its rivalry, and as the fur trade would not advantageously admit of competition, he made a new arrangement in 1811, by which, in conjunction with certain partners of the Northwest Company, and other persons engaged in the fur trade, he bought out the Mackinaw Company, and merged that and the American Fur Company into a new association, to be called the "Southwest Company." This he likewise did with the privity and approbation of the American government.
The sun shot his dazzling rays over this placid sheet of water, and toward the north the two elements merged into one and the same horizon.
The Indian finance minister said that United Bank of India and Oriental Bank of Commerce are to be merged with Punjab National Bank, which will thus become the second largest public sector bank (PSB).
While addressing the press conference in the Peshawar Press Club, on Saturday, the JUIF candidate warned the government institutions to restrain from meddling in the affairs of the ECP in the merged districts' elections and said that the federal and provincial governments were using their offices to pressurise the returning officers to make changes in the results.
Those who spoke on the occasion included Ajmal Wazir, Advisor to Chief Minister KP on merged tribal districts, Muhammad Riaz Tanoli, Director SSP, Khalid Masud, Director Lady Reading Hospital (LRH).