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v. merged, merg·ing, merg·es
To combine or unite into a single entity: merging two sets of data; merging two hospitals.
To become combined or united: "All the shadows on the wall shiver and merge into a single dark silhouette" (Chitra Divakaruni). See Synonyms at mix.

[Latin mergere, to plunge.]

mer′gence n.
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Noun1.merging - the act of joining together as onemerging - the act of joining together as one; "the merging of the two groups occurred quickly"; "there was no meeting of minds"
converging, convergency, convergence - the act of converging (coming closer)
concourse, confluence - a coming together of people
2.merging - a flowing together
blending, blend - the act of blending components together thoroughly
Adj.1.merging - flowing togethermerging - flowing together      
convergent - tending to come together from different directions
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References in classic literature ?
At the time I now write of, Father Mapple was in the hardy winter of a healthy old age; that sort of old age which seems merging into a second flowering youth, for among all the fissures of his wrinkles, there shone certain mild gleams of a newly developing bloom --the spring verdure peeping forth even beneath February's snow.
It is hard to say; for in that voyage from which no man returns Landfall and Departure are instantaneous, merging together into one moment of supreme and final attention.
The employee also thinks that the merging of ministries will negatively affect their overall performance.
He added that it is difficult to set an exact time frame for the merging operation, but said that it will probably take 6-9 months, in light of the enthusiasm of all concerned parties.
The merging characteristic velocities of triple jet models are summarized in Table 1.
The "normal" way which he suggests, of merging as soon as you see the sign "lane closure 600 yards ahead" means that we have 600 yards of wasted lane, and a queue that becomes a 1,200-yard tailback.
Traveling a few meters per second relative to the rotation of Saturn's gaseous interior, the storms--one moving twice as fast as the other--collided and spun around each other before merging over a 2-day period that began March 19.
"As a result, the IPST Board of Trustees has asked us to explore the potential for merging IPST with Georgia Tech."
This meant that the management team of the merging companies was required to develop and introduce low-end, inexpensive writing instruments, which would provide alternative choices to consumers.
Discussions about merging BIF with a recapitalized SAIF insurance fund and sharing the FICO interest obligation among the members of both deposit insurance funds raise the question of retaining separate bank and thrift charters.
That victory was short-lived, as Mississippi officials announced they planned to correct the problem by merging MVSU with DSU at the latter's campus.
Those in Iran who oppose the merger, think that merging banks into one bank would cause more problems than before, as Sepah Bank would be dealing with more losses than before.