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A spicy, North African sausage that is made with lamb or sometimes beef, is red in color, and is flavored with harissa, paprika, garlic, cumin, and other spices.

[French, from Maghrebi colloquial Arabic mergāz, variant of Arabic mirqāz, mirkās, possibly of Mozarabic origin and akin to Spanish morcón, large intestine used as sausage casing, chorizo with such casing, Spanish morcilla and Portuguese morcela, blood sausage, and dialectal Portuguese (Beira) môrca, potbelly, all probably from a pre-Roman Iberian root *murk-, belly, large intestine.]
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(Cooking) a heavily spiced North African sausage
[C20: probably from a Berber word ]
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Harissa added heat to everything from the Chicken Merguez Chicken Sausage with Harissa from Petits Cochons to the Artichokes with Harissa Sauce by Divinia.
Learn how to make wild mushroom tartare with cheese toast, merguez burger with cream cheese spread and hand-cut frites, and malted chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches at a French cooking class from 10 a.m.
It could be chorizo, it could be a good old butchers pork sausage, Spanish merguez, or even my trusty old favourite, spicy Italian sausage.
Pikes Riesling Traditionale 2016, Clare Valley, Australia (PS16.75, Wine Direct) Bone dry and clean as a whistle, the rush of acidity makes it a perfect choice with spicy sausages such as merguez and BBQ pork.
If you think sausages are the preserve of pork-eating cultures, think again: ojja merguez is a curry of piquant chunks of ground beef or lamb and a stirring sauce consisting of many of the hems and vegetables aforementioned.
From there, cruise down the paved beachside path that connects Santa Monica to Venice before steering inland a few blocks for a midmorning snack at Gjusta (above), where breakfast--including a housemade onion-poppy bialy topped with lamb merguez, harissa, and Gruyere--is served until 5 p.m.
1 Heat the oil in a large pan, add the merguez sausages and fry them until browned.
The second seating, priced at $175 per person, is an exquisite five course meal that offers Heirloom et Petites Betteraves (baby beets, Dom Perignon rosAaAaAeA@ compressed pear 24k gold vinaigrette a arugula), Les Pates Papardelle (hand-cut pasta with butter-poached Maine lobster, radicchio and caviar crema), Cotelette D'Agneau Sonoma (grilled lamb rack, smoked merguez, brussels sprouts and rosemary-pear chutney), Raspberry-Dom Perignon GelAaAaAeA@e (champag sorbet) and Genoise a la Noix de Doco (coconut sponge, caramelia-gold ganache and rum crAaAaAeA?me anglaise
Les principales non-conformites ont trait a la presence de coliformes et coliformes fecaux dans les patisseries, de salmonelles dans les merguez, au manque d'iode dans le sel alimentaire, a la presence de moisissures dans les arachides et les amandes et a la faiblesse du taux de proteines dans la poudre de lait.
Merguez were any I've Strasbourg, with an gamey The kebabs we ordered as main courses arrived in a "stuff on a flatbread" format that required some audience participation in order to fold them into an attackable shape.