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1. Of or relating to meridians or a meridian.
2. Located in the south; southern.
3. Of or characteristic of southern areas or people.
An inhabitant of a southern region, especially the south of France.

[Middle English, pertaining to the sun's position at noon, from Old French meridionel, southern, from Late Latin merīdiōnālis, from Latin merīdiānus, of midday, southern; see meridian.]


1. (Physical Geography) along, relating to, or resembling a meridian
2. (Physical Geography) characteristic of or located in the south, esp of Europe
(Peoples) an inhabitant of the south, esp of France
[C14: from Late Latin merīdiōnālis southern; see meridian; for form, compare septentriōnālis septentrional]
meˈridionally adv


(məˈrɪd i ə nl)

1. of, pertaining to, or resembling a meridian.
2. characteristic of the south or of people inhabiting the south, esp. of France.
3. southern; southerly.
4. an inhabitant of the south, esp. the south of France.
[1350–1400; Middle English < Late Latin merīdiōnālis southern. See meridian, -al1]
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Adj.1.meridional - of or relating to a meridianmeridional - of or relating to a meridian  
2.meridional - located in the south or characteristic of southern people or placesmeridional - located in the south or characteristic of southern people or places
southern - situated in or coming from regions of the south; "the southern hemisphere"; "southern constellations"


[məˈrɪdɪənl] ADJmeridional
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It lies among those low spurs of the Alleghanies which cover the midland counties of New York, and it is a little east of a meridional line drawn through the centre of the State.
As exemplifying the effects of climatal changes on distribution, I have attempted to show how important has been the influence of the modern Glacial period, which I am fully convinced simultaneously affected the whole world, or at least great meridional belts.
His naturally dark complexion had assumed a still further shade of brown from the habit the unfortunate man had acquired of stationing himself from morning till eve at the threshold of his door, on the lookout for guests who seldom came, yet there he stood, day after day, exposed to the meridional rays of a burning sun, with no other protection for his head than a red handkerchief twisted around it, after the manner of the Spanish muleteers.
"The North-South International Transport Corridor is a meridional direction, while One Belt, One Road is the latitudinal direction of the transport route," Bocharnikov said.
Este libro contiene diversos articulos que giran sobre una region muy poco conocida del Peru, la Sierra de Lambayeque y el area Canaris, ignorada por los investigadores andinistas que centraron sus investigaciones sobre todo en los pueblos y comunidades indigenas del Peru central o meridional ...
We use ERA-Interim data to generate and examine Hovmoller diagrams of the 250-hPa meridional wind during several periods with particularly persistent surface weather, and find a common pattern among them.
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