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adj. Biology
1. Having or composed of segments; segmented.
2. Relating to a change in the number or placement of body parts or segments: meristic variation.

[From Greek meristos, divided; see meristem.]

me·ris′ti·cal·ly adv.
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1. (Biology) of or relating to the number of organs or parts in an animal or plant body: meristic variation.
2. (Biology) segmented: meristic worms.
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(məˈrɪs tɪk)

of, pertaining to, or divided into anatomical segments or symmetrical body parts.
[1890–95; < Greek meristikós]
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Morphological features, including the development of the opercular complex and head spination, the sequence of development of meristic characters, and the position and relative size of the melanophores in preflexion, flexion, and postflexion larvae, allowed reconstruction of a developmental series and identification of the remaining individuals studied as A.
Our purpose was to provide evidence on the specific identity of the unusual lizard and document its existence with photographs in addition to descriptions of color pattern, scutellation, meristic, and body size characters.
The three species share certain morphological features such as general body coloration, approximate maximum size and meristic data (e.g.
Meristic information is given as the range followed by the mean and number of specimens examined.
By the time Gonads were removed, they were inspected for metric and meristic characters.
(2012) conducted a study on the variation in phenotype based on morphometric character indices and meristic counts among different wild and cultured Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus).
babcocki (Thompson, 1915) until Rosenblatt and Chen (1972) clarified the distinction of these species and pointed out a number of meristic and morphological characteristics that definitively separate these two species.
Fish collected from the beach-seine were numbered and samples of whole fish were used for morphometric and meristic analysis to confirm the taxonomical identification of the species (MENEZES, 1983; SOARES, 1988).
clara in the upper Ohio River (Kanawha River basin) of West Virginia, reports meristic characters of this population (based on 16 specimens), compares data with those of Williams (1975) and Starnes et al.
Multivariate statistical techniques were used to compare the morphometric and meristic characters currently used to differentiate syngnathids.
Both species share similar meristic features and morphometric proportions, which is typical for the various members of the genus, which are best separated on the basis of colour pattern differences in adult males.