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Noun1.merit pay - extra pay awarded to an employee on the basis of merit (especially to school teachers)merit pay - extra pay awarded to an employee on the basis of merit (especially to school teachers)
pay, remuneration, salary, wage, earnings - something that remunerates; "wages were paid by check"; "he wasted his pay on drink"; "they saved a quarter of all their earnings"
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Heneman's Merit Pay is an important contribution to the literature on compensation management.
All workers meeting jobs performance requirements will also receive 3-percent merit pay increases in each year.
But at least we eliminated some of the major problems seen in other departments that implemented merit pay without job standards.
Bennett explained that his approach advocates that affirmative action be "color blind," not "color conscious." He also supports merit pay and competency tests for teachers.
Under the university's proposed pay system for the next two-year contract, faculty members hoping to get a bump in salary would have to earn it, either through a merit pay increase or a promotion.
Basic wages represent a relatively small portion of total payments with the rest filled in with various benefits, such as bonuses, merit pay, and overtime, non-duty, family and transportation allowances.
But in Dallas, whose merit pay system is in its third year, Superintendent Michael Hinojosa says he has already seen good results.
For example, policy makers in the United States have discussed whether merit pay should be offered to public school teachers, as is common practice in the United Kingdom (Woessmann, 2011).
Under his contract, the council can give Ruiz a separate annual merit pay increase of up to 5 percent of his base salary depending on how he scores in his performance evaluation.
These five keys are used by all the schools that are succeeding, and no schools are succeeding without them, Shyamalan says, He also examines some popular reform ideas--such as smaller class size and merit pay for teachers--that prove to be deed ends.