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n. pl. mer·i·toc·ra·cies
1. A system in which advancement is based on individual ability or achievement.
a. A group of leaders or officeholders selected on the basis of individual ability or achievement.
b. Leadership by such a group.

mer′it·o·crat′ (-ĭ-tə-krăt′) n.
mer′it·o·crat′ic adj.


[ˈmerɪtəʊkræt] Nmeritócrata mf
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Explaining the importance of Pistorius to South Africa, the article also examines the fact that in a country obsessed with disadvantage, Pistorius was' the ultimate meritocrat, a runner with no legs who ignored the accidents of his birth to compete against the best', the report added.
After a long succession of patricians noted for their ease of manner and sense of leisurely culture Harold Wilson had the air of a clever and studious meritocrat.
In his self-representation as a social and sexual meritocrat, Hermsprong invites the credit of others without demanding their deference on any account other than his conversation, and the exchange of equals it promises.
Este vorba, deci, de o "clasa" legitimata meritocrat, care acumuleaza si concentreaza informatia si puterea de decizie necesare reglarii dinamicii sistemelor.
On paper, Roberts is the classic meritocrat, a child of the rising middle class who advances by educational achievement.
The first was Buffett's decision in 1989 to purchase 80 percent of the company (later increased to 90 percent), which put her career in the hands of a man known for being a meritocrat.
Again, Chirac's private literary abilities are not in doubt, and he has had the mandarin education of an elite meritocrat of the Fifth Republic.
Cameron presents himself as a meritocrat, a man who believes passionately in the young making their way in life.
Lew's a classic example of an enlightened meritocrat.
On the surface, my life and career up to this point appear to vindicate the virtuous life of a model meritocrat - the first person ever in my family to go to college, and the first-generation immigrant who found gold in California's expanding system of higher education.
Further, they vaguely perceive that their own taxes end up enabling the bad habits of the meritocrat class.
He is a true meritocrat and whenever the subject is brought up he quotes the French novelist Flaubert, who said, 'Honours dishonour, titles degrade'.