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n. pl. mer·i·toc·ra·cies
1. A system in which advancement is based on individual ability or achievement.
a. A group of leaders or officeholders selected on the basis of individual ability or achievement.
b. Leadership by such a group.

mer′it·o·crat′ (-ĭ-tə-krăt′) n.
mer′it·o·crat′ic adj.
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Adj.1.meritocratic - relating to or characteristic of a meritocracy; "meritocratic society"
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No country can pride itself on being absolutely meritocratic. The systems in place have at their disposal various means of exclusion of large swathes of population.
The son of a Pakistani immigrant bus driver, Javid is known as the face of a modern, multicultural and meritocratic Britain.
It must be acknowledged that the meritocratic society is a beautiful idea.
We look forward to many years of service in this country of exquisite gastronomy, generous hospitality, stunning landscapes, world-class education and health services, with the highest standard of living, open to the world without betraying its roots, meritocratic while respectful of its traditions and providing equality of opportunity for all.
Oparanya is touting his candidacy as a chance for a more technocratic and meritocratic government.
Importantly, it is time to accept the fact that our leader selection systems are generally not meritocratic. If the most competent candidates got the job - and we followed the lessons of science - then most people would have really positive experiences with leaders, and we would regard most of our leaders as inspirational, transformational, and talented.
While gender imbalance remains a global business challenge, regional efforts to promote women in the field of civil engineering are making a tangible difference in our meritocratic industry.
But Young suspected that this meritocratic idea would prove highly unsatisfactory in a society that had not abandoned its democratic aspirations.
Also at the meeting attended by His Royal Highness Prince Feisal bin Al Hussein, adviser to His Majesty and NPC chairman the King called for meritocratic appointments in the public sector, based on fair and transparent policies that guarantee equal opportunities.
In his foreword, Professor Tommy Koh notes that the meritocratic and performance-based system in Singapore welcomes talents, and he "hope[s] that Singaporeans will never become xenophobic and anti-immigrant" (p.
As Francis Fukuyama notes in the second volume of his magnum opus, 'Political Order and Political Decay,' what lay at the heart of the success of newly industrialized nations was the presence of a strong, autonomous and meritocratic bureaucracy.