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Deserving reward or praise; having merit.

[Middle English, from Latin meritōrius, earning money, from meritus, past participle of merēre, to earn; see merit.]

mer′i·to′ri·ous·ly adv.
mer′i·to′ri·ous·ness n.
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Adv.1.meritoriously - in a meritorious mannermeritoriously - in a meritorious manner; "he served his country meritoriously"
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[ˌmerɪˈtɔːrɪəslɪ] ADVmerecidamente
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She was, at that very moment, meritoriously and heartily engaged in eating her breakfast.
Placing these on the table and bending over the fire, meritoriously sensible of the trying nature of his duty, he watched the wreaths of steam, until at the special instant of projection he caught up the iron vessel and gave it one delicate twirl, causing it to send forth one gentle hiss.
Richard Carstone, who has so meritoriously acquitted himself in the--shall I say the classic shades?--in which his youth had been passed, will, no doubt, apply the habits, if not the principles and practice, of versification in that tongue in which a poet was said (unless I mistake) to be born, not made, to the more eminently practical field of action on which he enters."
It seemed as if there were moments when he could by no means have sworn but that the old man was an ancient retainer of his, who had been meritoriously faithful.
In any case, juicy or non-juicy, I believe that it is a call to duty for senators to serve their fatherland and to serve the nation meritoriously. So, in whatever capacity anybody has been placed, he has been called upon to merely render service.
"All degrees of the university are meritoriously earned and no student is allowed to graduate without going through the due process regarding coursework, seminars, original research, external examination and publications," JKUAT Vice-Principal Victoria Wambui told reporters at the university's main campus in Juja yesterday She further dismissed claims that some of their doctorate degrees have been suspended by CUE "The University has taken note, with great concern, some of the biased and unfounded misinformation to the public on certain media platforms without giving proper context to the report submitted by CUE to the Ministry.
Audio and video aids must be delivered in class rooms and it is essential for the teachers to operate these aids meritoriously.
In 1976, he was promoted to DIG Lahore and served meritoriously till his retirement in 1988.
He appreciated healthcare workers who had been based in the region and served meritoriously for the past 25 years during the time where there were resource constraints.
For him and his government to deliver meritoriously and efficiently, Kheire improvised a reform agenda dubbed 'The government roadmap.' had to group relevant line ministries into four cabinet sub-committees
One of four 2018 SOYs meritoriously advanced to chief petty officer during the ceremony, Johnson also received a nominating certificate from Vice Chief of Naval Operations Adm.