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merle 1

also merl  (mûrl)

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin merulus, merula.]

merle 2

Having a coat with irregular streaks or speckles of a contrasting color. Used of certain dogs.
A dog with a merle coat.

[Perhaps from merle.]
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Noun1.merl - common black European thrushmerl - common black European thrush  
thrush - songbirds characteristically having brownish upper plumage with a spotted breast
genus Turdus, Turdus - type genus of the Turdidae
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The resulting conclusion points directly, and only, toward Mendonsa--the same man supported by Benson and the MERL team.
His supporting cast, which includes the legendary Merl Reagle, who explains the linguistic foundations of a good puzzle while lamenting banished vowel-full constructions like "enema," is smart and dedicated to cerebral competition.
In one of the movie's most enjoyable sections, we see the droll Merl Reagle construct a special crossword, which is later published in the Times.
Will Merl be forced out of her own comfortable house?
The acquisition was structured to replace a nearby loft building at 12 West End Avenue that Merl had recently sold.
It was a fun puzzle by Merl Reagle, one of my favorite constructors.
Merl the demon (Mathew James) has always been a good ally of Angel's - he wouldn't hurt a fly and has provided useful information on countless occasions.
My birth certificate lists my mother as Joyce Williamson, age 17, and my father as Merl Parker, age 27.
Rich joined MERL in 1991 as a founding member of the research staff.
Now based in England, Westmead Merlin has proved a good match for Greenpark Fox bitches, producing from them Allegro Royale (Ladbroke Grand Prix winner), Moatview West (Corn Cuchulainn third) and Ballysillan Merl (Mick Horan Puppy Cup finalist).
Blue Cross & Blue Shield of South Carolina has appointed Merl F.
Russell Kelce, with his brothers Ted and Merl, built Sinclair Coal into a major Midwest Coal producer.