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merle 1

also merl  (mûrl)

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin merulus, merula.]

merle 2

Having a coat with irregular streaks or speckles of a contrasting color. Used of certain dogs.
A dog with a merle coat.

[Perhaps from merle.]
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Noun1.merl - common black European thrushmerl - common black European thrush  
thrush - songbirds characteristically having brownish upper plumage with a spotted breast
genus Turdus, Turdus - type genus of the Turdidae
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Merl is an overly suspicious and safety conscious squirrel, who believes a perfectly planned day at home is the key to surviving the dangerous and unpredictable world outside-and Pickle's plans for fun.
His supporting cast, which includes the legendary Merl Reagle, who explains the linguistic foundations of a good puzzle while lamenting banished vowel-full constructions like "enema," is smart and dedicated to cerebral competition.
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Blue Cross & Blue Shield of South Carolina has appointed Merl F.
To understand the importance of refining assortment strategies to help retailers better position their business for the future we need to get a handle on the current situation," says Milton Merl, president of Milton Men Associates, New York, N.
Our older and more mature clientele leans toward Ketel One," reports Guntram Merl, director of food and beverage.
Franklin's "The Philadelphia Race Riot of 1918" and Merl Reed's "Black Workers, Defense Industries, and Federal Agencies in Pennsylvania, 1941-1945" emphasize the significance of the two world wars on notions of equality, organizational efforts within the black community, and African Americans' prospects at work.
Rapra Technology, the Shrewsbury-based rubber and plastics consultancy, has funded a management buyout of chemical research company Materials Engineering Research Laboratory by buying 29 per cent of MERL for an undisclosed sum.
Three years before his death, Merl Townsend executed a durable power of attorney, appointing his son George as attorney in fact.
Merl Reed balances FEPC accomplishments and failure in this excellent study and provides a model approach to the study of a government agency.
We now offer complete coating/laminating lines; we have just delivered several major systems," said Merl Mercer, manager coating system sales.
Improving lives and strengthening communities is a top priority for US Airways and all its employees," said Merl Waschler, president and CEO of Valley of the Sun United Way.