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adj. mer·ri·er, mer·ri·est
1. Full of cheerfulness, liveliness, and good feelings: merry revelers.
2. Marked by or offering fun, good feelings, and liveliness; festive: a merry evening.
3. Brisk: a merry pace.
4. Archaic Delightful or pleasing.

[Middle English merri, from Old English mirige, pleasant; see mregh-u- in Indo-European roots.]

mer′ri·ly adv.
mer′ri·ness n.
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Adv.1.merrily - in a joyous mannermerrily - in a joyous manner; "they shouted happily"
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بِفَرَح وَمَرَح


[ˈmerɪlɪ] ADV
1. (= cheerfully) [laugh, say, dance] → alegremente
2. (= blithely) she quite merrily wrote out a cheque for £3,000extendió tranquilamente or tan tranquila un cheque por 3.000 libras
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[ˈmɛrɪli] adv
(= blithely) → gaiement
(= cheerfully) [whistle] → gaiement
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(= happily)vergnügt; (fig) boilmunter; to burn merrily (fire in grate)munter vor sich hin brennen
(= blithely) continue, saymunter
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[ˈmɛrɪlɪ] advallegramente
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(ˈmeri) adjective
1. cheerful; noisily or laughingly lively etc. merry children; a merry party.
2. slightly drunk. He's been getting merry on whisky.
ˈmerrily adverb
ˈmerriness noun
ˈmerriment noun
fun and laughter. There was a great deal of merriment at the party.
ˈmerry-go-round noun
(American ˌcarouˈsel) a revolving ring of toy horses etc on which children ride at a fair.
ˈmerrymaking noun
cheerful celebration. all the merrymaking at Christmas.
ˈmerrymaker noun
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References in classic literature ?
Merrily whistled the Butcher as he jogged along, for he was going to the market, and the day was fresh and sweet, making his heart blithe within him.
When he saw them leaping about in the net upon the rock he said: "O you most perverse creatures, when I piped you would not dance, but now that I have ceased you do so merrily."
He sang the first four lines briskly and merrily, making the hare-bells chime in time with the music; but the last two he sang quite slowly and gently, and merely waved the flowers backwards and forwards.
Such men rule orderly in their cities of fair women: great riches and wealth follow them: their sons exult with ever-fresh delight, and their daughters in flower-laden bands play and skip merrily over the soft flowers of the field.
But a few short minutes ago she had been sitting merrily prattling by my side, and now I was once more as lonely as if we had never met.
The ship was cheered, the harbour cleared, Merrily did we drop Below the kirk, below the hill, Below the light-house top.
I was young enough for them not to feel shy, and they chattered merrily about one thing and another.
But before he reached the foot of the knoll he was met by a dense crowd of Russian soldiers who, stumbling, tripping up, and shouting, ran merrily and wildly toward the battery.
So saying he donned the butcher's blouse and apron, and, climbing into the cart, drove merrily down the road to the town.
Hans was delighted as he sat on the horse, drew himself up, squared his elbows, turned out his toes, cracked his whip, and rode merrily off, one minute whistling a merry tune, and another singing,
When they came to the signpost, there, to their joy, were the tents of the Wizard pitched beside the path and the kettle bubbling merrily over the fire.
"You must have been to visit the Wise Donkey," said Scraps, laughing so merrily that the crowd smiled with her, in sympathy.

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