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1. Participation in festive activities.
a. A festivity; a revelry.
b. Festive activities.

mer′ry·mak′er n.
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Noun1.merrymaker - a celebrant who shares in a noisy partymerrymaker - a celebrant who shares in a noisy party; "the clubs attract revelers as young as thirteen"
celebrant, celebrater, celebrator - a person who is celebrating
roisterer - an especially noisy and unrestrained merrymaker
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شَخْص مَرِح ومُبْتَهِج
bavičúčastník zábavy
mulatozó férfi/nőtréfacsináló
účastník zábavy


[ˈmerɪˌmeɪkəʳ] Njuerguista mf, parrandero/a m/f
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(ˈmeri) adjective
1. cheerful; noisily or laughingly lively etc. merry children; a merry party.
2. slightly drunk. He's been getting merry on whisky.
ˈmerrily adverb
ˈmerriness noun
ˈmerriment noun
fun and laughter. There was a great deal of merriment at the party.
ˈmerry-go-round noun
(American ˌcarouˈsel) a revolving ring of toy horses etc on which children ride at a fair.
ˈmerrymaking noun
cheerful celebration. all the merrymaking at Christmas.
ˈmerrymaker noun
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The day was done, and the merrymakers had nearly all departed.
Taebo Jammers Association of Tacloban also won Best Merrymaker.
Musical merrymaker - comedian and ukulele player Andy Eastwood ?
The "Merrymaker" style services to the south coast, provided by Green Express, harks back to British Rail excursion trains of days gone by.
Norton, 18, sent Kyber, who had travelled well throughout, into the lead at the quarter-mile marker and he kept him going well to hold the challenges of Merrymaker by a length.
MERRYMAKER (3.10) can have the last laugh in the featured 2m4f handicap hurdle at Hexham today.
We learn a good deal about the mystic, maverick, and merrymaker in her and why she gravitated toward the extremes of the spectrum--the questioners and the "Chassidishe girls." She articulates her theological stance: "You're reading the impressions of an extremely sympathetic skeptic" (9).
When they got close, they found it was a drunken merrymaker wearing a bear suit.
As is Jankovic's wont, a great variety of characters parade past us here: a wise older officer, a former prisoner; an inveterate pessimist and doubter; a delightful merrymaker who has a good, usually humorous word and solution for every problem; and good-natured and honest chetniks from the western, largely Serbian sectors of Yugoslavia.
A holiday merrymaker loitering under the mistletoe may not be thinking much about parasitic plants.
"For many it will bring back fond memories of British Rail's Merrymaker Tours which provided great days out in the 1970s."
Callan took the 5f handicap on Fast Freddie, the all-aged 1m4f maiden on Restless Soul and the 1m6f handicap on Merrymaker.