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adv.1.Same as Mesiad.
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Frons cream-yellow with 2 brown vittae, first vitta beginning just mesad of inner vertical seta, vitta broadening beyond ocellar triangle.
Nawaf al-Khalid, Amer Matoug (Mohammad Rashed 80), Fahad Awad, Hussain Fadhel, Mesad Nada, Fahad al-Enezi, Fahed al-Ebrahim (F Alrashidi 84), Talal al-Amer, Husein Mosawi (Abdilaziz Mashan 45), Bader al-Mutwa, Yousef Naser
26-29) with short epigynal teeth slightly wider than length, situated on both spermathecal margins; atrium (genital opening) very broadly rectangular, situated posteriorly near epigastric furrow; copulatory ducts short, broadly V-shaped, extending mesad of both epigynal teeth and originating posteriorly near epigastric furrow; spermathecal heads spherical, situated medially on spermathecae; spermathecal base small complicated structure, situated on the lateral margin of atrium; spermathecal stalk extended anteriorly, overlapped; fertilization duct short, slender, underside situated close to epigastric furrow.
ORSI, the company behind Cube Technology's award-winning solutions for the process manufacturing industries, has many food, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical customers adopting MESAD in their plants.
Spiracles on abdominal segments 2-7; a pair of trichobothria on abdominal segments 3-6, mesad of spiracular line (Fig.
Aedeagus distally heart-shaped; parameres broad, slightly tapering with apical part smoothly curved mesad.
Chairman Mesad Fares will lecture participants on the challenges facing the
Kuwaitis, who had won the West Asian Championship and the Gulf Cup last year, started on a strong note, but the dismissal of defender Mesad Nada in 36th minute left the Gulf team exposed at the back and changed the balance of the match.
1E, F): head yellowish brown, often tinged with red; yellow antennal segments I and II (apical 1/4-1/3 of segment II darkened); pronotum shiny black; mesoscutum and scutellum widely darkened mesad, with yellowish brown lateral margins; hemelytron hyaline, with dark reddish suffusions at apices of embolium and cuneus; dark reddish or maroon membrane veins; fuscous femora with pale apices.
Were Mesad Hashavyahu and Megiddo Judean or Egyptian garrisons during the days of Josiah?
Male pygofer bearing about 24 rigid microsetae along caudo-ventral margin, terminal process on dorsal side narrowed and curved at apex, in dorsal aspect apices slightly to strongly curved mesad (Figs.