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Noun1.mescal bean - shrub or small tree having pinnate leaves poisonous to livestock and dense racemes of intensely fragrant blue flowers and red beansmescal bean - shrub or small tree having pinnate leaves poisonous to livestock and dense racemes of intensely fragrant blue flowers and red beans
genus Sophora, Sophora - cosmopolitan genus of trees and shrubs having odd-pinnate leaves and showy flowers; some species placed in genus Podalyria
tree - a tall perennial woody plant having a main trunk and branches forming a distinct elevated crown; includes both gymnosperms and angiosperms
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By 1890 Indian agents reported Peyotism among so many western tribes that the BIA commissioner instructed agents that it was the government's duty to stop the use of the "mescal bean." It should be classified as an "intoxicating liquor" and its sale by traders should be prevented: "The court of Indian offences at your agency shall consider the use, sale, exchange, gift, or introduction of the mescal bean as a misdemeanor punishable under section 9 of the rules governing the court of Indian offences." (34)
He was directed by the BIA commissioner to specifically focus on Oklahoma and Indian Territories "to suppress this illegal traffic and turn the two Territories, as far at least as the Indian parts are concerned, over to the new State in as clean a condition as possible." (40) Johnson included the "mescal bean" as an intoxicant and immediately set to work to restrict its use with surveillance of peyote meetings and by arresting Peyotists.
Most ended in the acquittal of the Indians, who claimed that they consumed "peyote," not the "mescal bean," which was prohibited by the law.
Section 1861 outlawed the possession, bartering, selling, or giving of any "mescal bean" to any allotted Indian in the state.
The mescal bean bill introduced at the first Oklahoma legislature by Charles Shell, Cheyenne and Arapaho Indian agent, attempted to strengthen the Oklahoma territorial laws outlawing medicine men and mescal bean use by amending sections 2651-53 of Wilson's statutes.
A newspaper interview with Reuben Taylor summarized his position that the Indian people did not care much about the mescal bean, but they did not want their religious rights disturbed.
The Indians do not seem to care so much for the suppression of the mescal bean, as they do not use it to any extent only as a medicine.
Dutchman's breeches, Elephant's ear, Hydrangea, Jack-in-the-pulpit, Jasmine, Jimsonweed, Larkspur (Delphinium), Laurel, Lily of the valley, Mescal bean, Mushrooms, Nightshades, Philodrendron, Poinsettia, Prunus species, Tobacco, Yellow jasmine, Yews Taxus species.
Red Eagle is wearing a mescal bean and metal bead bandolier over his left shoulder.
In some examples, cones, beads, and mescal beans are sometimes attached to the vamp fringe, and I have chosen to include examples of those types in this series as well.
Fringe: Vamp fringe which has been awl punched and had tied in a straight row along the outside angled lane of beadwork on the vamp, on some examples this fringe is twisted, and may include tubular beads of various types or mescal beans. The heel fringe is attached to the heel seam of the moccasin in a similar manner, this fringe can be long or short, twisted or straight, but does not include beads or beans.