intr.v. Past tense me·seemed Archaic
It seems to me.

[Middle English me semeth : me, to me; see me + semeth, third person sing. present tense of semen, to seem; see seem.]


vb, past meseemed
(tr; takes a clause as object) archaic it seems to me



v. impers.; pt. me•seemed. Archaic.
it seems to me.
[1350–1400; Middle English me semeth]
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no image of felicity From out such twice changed days my heart could gain For still on pain I thought, and still on pain But grief meseems is like eternity.
It is an irksome thing, meseems, to tell again a plain-told
Truly, for myself, meseems I see before my eyes the lost child's disdainful prodigality, turned to envy a swine's dinner: which by the learned divines are thought not historical acts, but instructing parables.
Long A staysail Long E reseat, thecae, faeces, meseems, resieze Long I dicyanide Long O virtuoso
Meseems It passes mind of man to picture well His second sojourn in that land; yet gleams There might be thence, if one had heart to tell.