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 (mĕz′ən-tĕr′ē, mĕs′-)
n. pl. mes·en·ter·ies
Any of several folds of the peritoneum that connect the intestines to the dorsal abdominal wall, especially such a fold that envelops the jejunum and ileum.

[Middle English mesenterie, from Medieval Latin mesenterium, from Greek mesenterion : meso-, meso- + enterion, diminutive of enteron, entrails; see en in Indo-European roots.]

mes′en·ter′ic adj.
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Adj.1.mesenteric - of or relating to or located in a mesenterymesenteric - of or relating to or located in a mesentery
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a. mesentérico-a, concerniente al mesenterio.
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adj mesentérico
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The major complication of Intestinal malrotation is midgut volvulus, which may result in mesenteric ischemia and if not immediately intervened, cause severe mortality and morbidity [1,2,3].
We are highlighting a case of the superior mesenteric artery (SMA) dissection with an unusual initial presentation of severe back pain and a novel endovascular approach used for revascularization and stenting.
Abdominal lymphangiomas are rare and defined as mesenteric lymphangioma, which is one of the subgroups of mesenteric cysts, in the case of origin from the mesentery (1).
We were successfully able to remove the tumour and test it in the lab, where we found that the patient suffered from a tumour called Mesenteric Cyst (cavernous type)."
Summary: African expatriate suffered from mesenteric cyst that occurs in 1 in 250,000 cases
In addition, there were scattered moderate-sized mesenteric lymph nodes.
Midgut volvulus is a rare type of malrotation that develops as a result of the rotation of the mesenteric root around the superior mesenteric artery (1).
Subsequently, she underwent abdominal CT-scan with intravenous contrast showing uncomplicated cholelithiasis and a 3.5 cm nodule located at the root of the mesentery, which enhanced after contrast, with a pedicle containing vessels stemming from the superior mesenteric vessels (Figure 1).
Superior mesenteric artery syndrome (SMAS), which is also known as Wilkie's syndrome because it was described by Wilkie as chronic duodenal ileus in 1927 for the first time, is a life-threatening clinical picture that develops as a result of obstruction of the second or third part of the duodenum compressed between the aorta and superior mesenteric artery (1).
Trans mesenteric type of hernias constitute 5% to 8% of cases of internal hernias.
The source of bleeding was determined to be an injury to the mesenteric artery.
Superior mesenteric thrombosis is a rare disease of acute abdomen; many risk factors have been identified including arrhythmia, deep vein thrombosis, and hematologic or rheumatologic causes.