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Noun1.mesh topology - the topology of a network whose components are all connected directly to every other component
network topology, topology - the configuration of a communication network
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The OpenShift Service Mesh extends these traffic management features by including service observability and visualization of the mesh topology to enhance the service mesh experience.
There are many variations, i.e., in the frequency band (sub-GHz, over-GHz), band licensing (licensed or unlicensed band), network topology (star topology, mesh topology, tree topology), frequency modulation, channel bandwidth, security, power-usage, and others [1].
Experiments are carried out under the mesh topology with different switch numbers and switch out degrees (i.e., how many switches are connected from the current switch).
When we first introduced NVLink it was a point-point high speed interconnect offering 300 GB/s bandwidth per GPU--we directly connected all of the GPUs together in what we called a hybrid cube mesh topology.
IEEE 802.15.4 supports the following types of network topologies: the star topology, the tree topology, and the mesh topology. The tree topology is configured as a single central PAN coordinator surrounded by many other sensor nodes.
WMN is a communications network, that is made of ratio nodes which are organised in the fashion of mesh topology; it is also a form of wireless ad hoc network.
(1) "A mesh network is a Local Area Network (LAN), Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN), or Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) that employs one of two decentralized connection arrangements: full mesh topology or partial mesh topology.
The structural model is generated by arranging proper inner parts from the basic mesh topology. The consistency between the aerodynamic model and the structural model is satisfied naturally.
We assumed an 8 x 8 mesh topology consisting of 64 routers.
Mesh smoothing methods improve mesh quality by relocating vertex positions while fixing mesh topology. Mesh smoothing methods focus on improving the element qualities by optimizing the mesh quality improvement and solve (minimize) it by employing nonlinear solvers.
Also, this type of solution tends to avoid physical topologies with a large diameter for inter-mesh; such topologies are not a good match for the mesh Topology algorithm which treats each cluster as a virtual mesh.