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 (mē′zē-əl, -zhəl)
1. Of, in, near, or toward the middle.
2. Dentistry Situated toward the middle of the front of the jaw along the curve of the dental arch.

me′si·al·ly adv.
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(Anatomy) anatomy another word for medial1
[C19: from meso- + -ial]
ˈmesially adv
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(ˈmi zi əl)

2. nearest to or directed toward the sagittal plane or midline of the face, along the dental arch. Compare distal (def. 2).
me′si•al•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.mesial - being in or directed toward the midline or mesial plane of the bodymesial - being in or directed toward the midline or mesial plane of the body
anatomy, general anatomy - the branch of morphology that deals with the structure of animals
distal - directed away from the midline or mesial plane of the body
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Table-1: Frequency distribution of Vertucci's classification and number of apical foramina in the mesial and distal roots of mandibular first molar.
The aim of the present case report was to evaluate, through histological analysis, the possible effects of VRF on the root canal space and microbial colonization responsible for both symptoms and the periapical lesion in the mesial root of a mandibular molar.
Only 2 (1%) patients reported with cystic lesion associated with mesial angulation and 1 (0.5%) patient had cystic lesion with other angulations of IMTMs in this study.
El diametro mayor del conducto mesial fue 0,64 mm y su desviacion estandar fue de 0,30 mm (es decir casi 50% de su medicion, Fig.
La forma de los artejos basal y mesial, observados sin escamas, guardan diferentes proporciones de largo-ancho en los dos sexos.
MRI imaging can identify nonspecific abnormalities like periventricular leucomalacia, atrophy, it can demonstrate static remote lesions like porencephaly, it can point out focal lesions responsible for seizures like focal cortical dysplasias and mesial temporal sclerosis being a potential candidate for epilepsy surgery.
The mesial edge curves strongly round the orbital fenestra and this is further reflected in the convex lateral edge.
The bona fide wand is a mesial fragment of a plano-convex section item, 14 mm wide x 8 mm thick with many oblique engraved marks on both edges.
Regarding selection of the type of canal, Vertucci's classification for the evaluation of the root canal preparation showed the use of the Type I (single canal that extends from the pulp chamber to the apex) for incisors, (62) Type II (two canals that leave the pulp chamber and join near the apex to form a single canal), (43) and Type IV (two distinct and separate canals that extend from the pulp chamber to the apex) in mesial roots of mandibular molars.
The radiographic findings indicated vertical bone resorption in the mesial portions of the right maxillary and mandibular first molars, and the maxillary and mandibular front teeth showed high-grade bone resorption (Figures 2(b) and 3(a)).