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An aromatic hydrocarbon, C9H12, occurring in petroleum and coal tar or synthesized from acetone and used as a solvent and synthetic intermediate.

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(mɪˈsɪtɪˌliːn; ˈmɛsɪtɪˌliːn)
(Elements & Compounds) a colourless liquid that occurs in crude petroleum; 1,3,5-trimethylbenzene. Formula: C6H3(CH3)3
[C19: from mesityl, from mesite, from New Latin mesita, from Greek mesitēs mediator + -ene]
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Addition of nonpolar cosolvents, such as toluene, p-xylene, and mesitylene, resulted in materials with enhanced gelation rates and enlarged pores.
Abdul-Latif, "Viscosities, densities, and speeds of sound of binary mixtures of benzene, toluene, o-xylene, m-xylene, p-xylene, and mesitylene with anisole at (288.15, 293.15, 298.15, and 303.15) K," Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data, vol.
Viscosities, densities and speeds of sound of binary mixtures of benzene, toluene, o-xylene, m-xylene, p-xylene and mesitylene with anisole at 288.15.
Indeed, some processes to produce MXDA were disclosed using m-xylene, pseudocumene, mesitylene, ethylbenzene, methylpyridine, benzonitrile, m-tolunitrile, isopropanol, MXDA and cyanopyridine (Kurek, 1984; Nakamura et al., 2002; Otsuka et al., 2003; Takamizawa et al., 2001).
The aldol condensation of acetone affords a variety of dimers such as diacetone alcohol and mesityl oxide and trimers including phorone, isophorone, semiphorone, triacetone alcohol, 2,2,6,6-tetramethyltetrahydropyran-4-one, and mesitylene. The components of mixtures of these substances and derivatives of them have been identified and quantified in gas chromatograms using a mass-selective detector (GC-MS).
They are very soluble in a variety of common organic solvents including toluene, xylene, mesitylene and methylene chloride.
Synthesis of spherical SBA-15 with large pore size [26]: Pluronic P123 and a certain amount of KCl were dissolved in [H.sub.2]O and hydrochloric acid (36-38%) at room temperature until the solution became transparent, then mesitylene was added.
The next heavier aromatic, xylene or C8, comes in three differently shaped isomers and so does the next heavier one, mesitylene or C9.
Ni [([[eta].sup.4]-[C.sub.8][H.sub.12]).sub.2] (STREM, 98%) and 1-hexadecylamine (ACROS, 90%) were used as received; mesitylene (ACROS, 97%) was dried, degassed, and stored on molecular sieve in the glove box.
(Acetone is a waste product from butanol production.) The Swift process converts acetone into mesitylene or tri-methylbenzene, the primary constituent of its fuel, so it depends on cheap acetone to make the conversion economic.